Advanced Custom Fields: Table Field


The Table Field Plugin enhances the functionality of the “Advanced Custom Fields” plugin with easy-to-edit tables.

This plugin requires the “Advanced Custom Fields” plugin or the Pro version!

The table field works also with the repeater and flexible field types.


  • Table Header (Option)
  • Add and remove table columns and rows
  • Change order of columns and rows by dragging
  • To move to the next cells editor press key: tab
  • To move to the previous cells editor press key: shift + tab


  • English – default, always included
  • German: Deutsch – immer dabei!
  • Danish: Dansk – altid der!
  • Polish: Polski – zawsze tam jest!

Note: Please contribute your language to the plugin to make it even more useful.


  • The Field Settings

  • The Field Content Editing

  • Grab the rows and columns in the grey area and drag them.


This software can be used as both a WP plugin and a theme include.
However, only when activated as a plugin will updates be available.


  1. Copy the “advanced-custom-fields-table-field” folder into your plugins folder.
  2. Activate the plugin via the Plugins admin page.


How to output the table html?

To render the table fields data as an html table in one of your template files (page.php, single.php) you can start with the following basic code example:

$table = get_field( 'your_table_field_name' );

if ( $table ) {

    echo '<table border="0">';

        if ( $table['header'] ) {

            echo '<thead>';

                echo '<tr>';

                    foreach ( $table['header'] as $th ) {

                        echo '<th>';
                            echo $th['c'];
                        echo '</th>';

                echo '</tr>';

            echo '</thead>';

        echo '<tbody>';

            foreach ( $table['body'] as $tr ) {

                echo '<tr>';

                    foreach ( $tr as $td ) {

                        echo '<td>';
                            echo $td['c'];
                        echo '</td>';

                echo '</tr>';

        echo '</tbody>';

    echo '</table>';
How to handle line breaks?

This is about displaying line breaks in the admin tables and getting line breaks as <br> when outputting the tables HTML.

Converting Line Breaks for HTML Output

To convert line breaks to <br> in tables HTML output the PHP function nl2br() can be used:

For line breaks in table header cells replace…

echo $th['c'];


echo nl2br( $th['c'] );

For line breaks in table body cells replace…

echo $td['c'];


echo nl2br( $td['c'] );

Displaying Line Breaks in Editing Tables

To display natural line breaks in the editing tables in the admin area, add the following styles to the admin area.

.acf-table-body-cont {
    white-space: pre-line;

One way to add these styles to the WordPress admin area is adding the following code to your functions.php file of the theme.

add_action('admin_head', 'acf_table_styles');

function acf_table_styles() {
  echo '<style>
    .acf-table-body-cont {
        white-space: pre-line;
How to use the table field in Elementor Page Builder?

In general, its up to Elementor to support ACF field types on the Elementor widgets. All supported ACF fields by Elementor you can find here. But because the table field is not a native ACF field, the support for this field may never happen.

For now the way to go is using the Elementors shortcode Widget. Before you can use a shortcode to display a table fields table, you have to setup a shortcode in functions.php. The following code does this. You can modify the table html output for your needs.

function shortcode_acf_tablefield( $atts ) {

    $a = shortcode_atts( array(
        'field-name' => false,
        'post-id' => false,
    ), $atts );

    $table = get_field( $a['field-name'], $a['post-id'] );

    $return = '';

    if ( $table ) {

        $return .= '<table border="0">';

            if ( $table['header'] ) {

                $return .= '<thead>';

                    $return .= '<tr>';

                        foreach ( $table['header'] as $th ) {

                            $return .= '<th>';
                                $return .= $th['c'];
                            $return .= '</th>';

                    $return .= '</tr>';

                $return .= '</thead>';

            $return .= '<tbody>';

                foreach ( $table['body'] as $tr ) {

                    $return .= '<tr>';

                        foreach ( $tr as $td ) {

                            $return .= '<td>';
                                $return .= $td['c'];
                            $return .= '</td>';

                    $return .= '</tr>';

            $return .= '</tbody>';

        $return .= '</table>';

    return $return;

add_shortcode( 'table', 'shortcode_acf_tablefield' );

Then use the shortcode in a Elementors shortcode widget like this, to insert a table from the current page or post

[table field-name="your table field name"]

You also can insert a table from another page or post

[table field-name="your table field name" post-id="123"]

Or you can insert a table from a ACF option page

[table field-name="your table field name" post-id="option"]


Another untested unfunctional plugin

I have the latest wordpress version at the time of this writing. Installed this plugin. Nowhere to be found in the admin dashboard or on the editor toolbar. thanks for wasting my 2 minutes of my life

Seriously nice work

Needed a table input and while it appeared that this was the only option, it’s the only option there needs to be. This seriously is a great implementation and using everything similar to how the included ACF already works with adding rows in the middle made it just that much easier to pick up and get running on.

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Contributors & Developers

“Advanced Custom Fields: Table Field” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Replaces jQuery.noConflict methode
  • Prevents PHP error if table fields value is from a previous fieldtype


  • Adds danish translation, thanks to Jeppe Skovsgaard


  • Fixes backslashes on using update_field();


  • Adds support for the ACF update_field() function. If you get the table fields data array by get_field(), you can change the table data array and using update_field() to save the changes to the field.


  • Adds plugin version to table data for handling structural changes.
  • Fixes loosing table data containing quotes on third party update_post_meta() actions to table field values. Limited to new fields or fields value changed since plugin version 1.2.2.
  • Fixes an PHP warning since PHP 7.2 when body data is null


  • Fixes not using user locale for translation
  • Adds description for handling line breaks to plugins page


  • Adds support for tab navigation. Uses shift + tab for backward navigation.
  • Minor code improvements


  • Keeps the WordPress admin area working, if tablefields value is not a valid JSON string. Logs the invalid value in the console for debugging.


  • Adds polish translation by Pawel Golka


  • Fixes table does not appear under certain field groups location rules


  • Fixes an XSS issue within /wp-admin/ pages


  • Adds support for field groups post taxonomy rule


  • Fixes rerendering of tables while changing other content


  • Fixed table functionality with respect to the ACF rules


  • Fixes returning false on single empty table cell for ACF version 4


  • Fixes support for user edit pages


  • Fixes support for user profile pages


  • UI: Fixes table header switch off problem


  • Fixes issue occured after database migration with plugin “WP Migrate DB”


  • Takes over icon class changes in ACF-Pro since version 5.3.2


  • Fixes wrong function name ‘change_template’


  • Fixes missing table on page template change


  • Compatibility to icon changes of ACF Pro version 5.2.8
  • Fixes table top legend height in FireFox
  • Fixes delete column icon position in IE


  • Improved User Experience when deleting all columns and rows.
  • Compatibility to changes of ACF Pro version 5.2.7.


  • Use wp_json_encode() instead of json_encode(). This may fix issues in rare enviroments.


  • If the table has only a single empty cell (this is by default), no table data will return now.


  • Fixes javascript issue in IE 8.
  • Fixes missing table borders and table header´s height in FireFox.


  • Fixes an uri problem on some hosts.


  • Fixes an php error on HTTP_REFFERER.


  • Fixes error when including the plugin from inside a theme.


  • Fixes ACF validation error “required” when header option “use table header” was used and unchecked.


  • Official Release of the free version