This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Bellows Accordion Menu


Bellows is an awesome accordion menu for WordPress. It works with the WordPress menu system to allow you to build beautiful accordion menus for your site.

Bellows Lite Demo
Bellows Full Demo

Get started: Bellows Quick Start Guide

Feature Overview

  • Fully functional accordion menu
  • Multiple submenu levels
  • 3 included skin presets
  • Multi- or single-folding
  • Expand current submenu automatically option
  • Shortcode integration – add an accodion menu to yoru site anywhere you can add shortcodes
  • Widget integration – add an accordion menu to your widgetized theme areas


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/bellows-accordion-menu directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Appearance > Bellows Menu screen to configure the plugin and generate the shortcode to add the menu to your site (or use a widget or PHP code)


Where is the documentation?

The complete documentation is available online: Bellows Knowledgebase

How to get started?

Check out the Bellows Quick Start Guide to get up and running fast.

What is the difference between the Lite and Pro versions?

Please see the Feature Comparison Table


29. juni, 2024
Absolutely brilliant, thank you so much for your work!The plugin works exactly as described.Brilliant, brilliant, for sure 🙂
19. februar, 2023
Somehow its hard these days to find plugins that just work and do what they say without throwing 10000 advertisements in your face. This is one of those that just work. Looks fantastic, works fantastic! Thank you!
24. januar, 2022
Agradeço aos desenvolvedores. Plugin ajudou muito a suprir uma necessidade importante no projeto.
22. september, 2021
Thanks a lot.
15. maj, 2021
Just what I was looking for. I needed another output option that was not available out of the box, and the developer assisted me with a short-term solution and made plans to add the feature in future versions.
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Bidragsydere & udviklere

“Bellows Accordion Menu” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Security: Fix XSS vulnerability – Authenticated (Contributor+) Stored cross-site scripting via shortcode


  • Requirement Update: Minimum PHP version to 7.4 (current support through 8.1)
  • Feature: [Pro] New Orderby option for Autopopulated Terms Menu: Meta Term Order (supports WooCommerce custom Product Category ordering)
  • Enhancement: Current submenus expanded by default rather than animating open on page load
  • Fix: Walker start_el arguments default type to stdClass instead of array
  • Fix: [Pro] Duplicate Autopopulation corner case
  • Fix: Undefined variable corner case


  • Fix: Resolve undefined $default variable notice in Customizer


  • Feature: [Pro] Menu Section functionality (display just a section of a menu, based on a root, which can be dynamically determined)
  • Feature: Add aria-label to submenu toggle buttons
  • Feature: Add filters for submenu toggle icons and content
  • Fix: Radio toggle alignment in Customizer settings
  • Fix: Checkbox settings in Customizer
  • Fix: [Pro] Responsive & Mobile tab contents not displaying in pro
  • Fix: [Pro] Pass ‘counts’ attribute to bellows_terms shortcode
  • Fix: Properly echo toggle when menu is also echoed rather than returned


  • Feature: Current Associated Term Highlighting (highlight as current terms in the menu associated with the current page)
  • Feature: Collapse on mobile option (toggle to reveal mobile menu)
  • Feature: [Pro] Tree mode (toggles on left edge, aligned to text), including Tree skin
  • Feature: [Pro] Vertical and Horizontal padding settings for top level and submenu items
  • Feature: [Pro] Configurable Submenu Indent setting
  • Feature: [Pro] Configurable Submenu Slide Speed setting
  • Feature: [Pro] Include Parent setting for Autopopulated Posts menus
  • Feature: [Pro] Exclude Posts option for Autopopulated Posts menus
  • Feature: [Pro] Exclude Terms option for Autopopulated Terms menus
  • Feature: Current item priority functionality – determine which item should be opened if multiple items are current.
  • Enhancement: Improve keyboard accessibility
  • Enhancement: Styling support for when using SVG replacement icons
  • Enhancement: Configurable admin capability constant
  • Enhancement: RTL improvements
  • Update: jQuery 3 compatibility (replace deprecated functions)
  • Update: PHP 7.4 compatibility
  • Fix: Make term population work with arbitrary roots when using child_of
  • Fix: Walker UberMenu check to pull ID properly



  • Enhancement: Improved RTL support
  • Fix: Active state added to items with no submenus when default submenu state set to open


  • Feature: Added bellows_auto_terms_query_args filter
  • Feature: Added bellows_auto_posts_query_args filter
  • Feature: Added bellows_auto_post_title filter
  • Feature: Added bellows_auto_term_title filter



  • Feature: Added Force Override Filters setting to combat themes and plugins that try to filter menu output
  • Enhancement: Added bellows_menu_item_data filter
  • Enhancement: If skin is disabled, and submenu dividers enabled, force the divider border
  • Enhancement: Added bellows_link_attributes filter


  • Feature: Added Depth/Level limit setting for Terms Autopopulator
  • Feature: Added option to set submenu default state to open or closed globally
  • Feature: Added option to set submenu default state to open or closed on individual menu items



  • Exposed open and close submenu functions to external API
  • Force parent submenus of current item open even if missing current classes


  • Submenu item padding Customizer setting
  • Submenu font size Customizer setting
  • When link is disabled, it will act as a toggle for submenu
  • Add current menu item classes properly to terms in automatic terms taxonomy items


  • Initial release