This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Bounce Handler MailPoet 3


Automatik e-mail returhåndtering for MailPoet 3, for installationer der bruger din egen SMTP server. Installer plugin-et og find Returhåndtering menuen under MailPoet menuen for at opsætte.

Hvad er nyt?

  • Ny aktion & regler (Skift status til Returneret) tilføjet i returner scenariet
  • Ordentligt e-mail felter validering
  • Returneret e-mail log.


  • Slet returnerede e-mails
  • Automatisk framelding af brugere fra MailPoet nyhedsbrev liste, baseret på returnerede e-mails.
  • Forbind med IMAP, POP3 og NNTP
  • Tjek returnerede e-mails med de valgte planlagte indstillinger

How to translate?

We use the official WordPress Polyglots translation team and online translation system – which is not very common among plugin authors, and therefore we would like to explain why this is both easier and better for all than the common .pot/.po/.mo files.

Online web translation

To make it short, you simply use the online system at to translate both “Development” and “Development Readme” into your language. And when a translation editor have approved the translations, a language pack will automatically be generated for all websites using our plugin and the language you translated. No need to work with any files at all, WordPress will automatically load the translation, when it is approved by an editor.

.pot/.po/.mo files

If you need to have your own texts and translations, you can off course still use Poedit or a plugin like Loco Translate with your own .po files. You can export and download a translation to a .po file from -> Choose language -> Choose Development -> Export (at the bottom)
If you add new translations, please consider using the import button at the same place, to import your .po file translations into the online system so everyone may benefit from your translations 🙂

Online web translation: Editors and approval

Everyone can edit and add translations for our plugin using the online system at – this only require that you are logged in with your user name. But only editors may approve translations. So after adding translations for a new language, you should apply to become the Project Translation Editor (PTE) for your language for our plugin, then you may approve your own translations.

Only members of the WordPress Polyglots team can approve new PTEs, which they usually do pretty fast when you have added a full language of translations. To approve a new PTE, the polyglots team member must be a General Translation Editor (GTE) for the language, meaning one that have access to all plugins for the specific language, since the one approving you off course needs to be fluent in your language to be able to read your first translations and check that they are of good quality.

To become PTE, you simply request it at the Polyglots forum.
We suggest you use the example below – exchange xx_XX with your locale (ex. da_DK for danish in Denmark) and XXXXX with your username (ex. mine is kasperta). If your language have several different locales, add an extra line with that locale.
So copy and paste the text below to a new post at – and edit locale + user name, and soon you may approve your own translations 🙂
—beginning of forum post—
Hello Polyglots, I have added translations for Bounce Handler Mailpoet 3 and would like to become the Project Translation Editor (PTE) for my language.
Please add my user as Project Translation Editor (PTE) for the respective locales:
o #xx_XX – @XXXXX
If you have any questions, just comment here. Thank you!


—end of forum post—

Translations and editors

See the current translation contributors and editors for our plugin for the different languages at:

See the generated language packs at:

If the online system have not generated a language pack for your language, it is because:
1. Your texts are not approved, check if they are still in the “waiting” column. If they are, then check if there is an editor ( for your language, if not, then request to become an editor.
2. There are not enough texts translated, you need about 90% translated before a translation pack is generated.
3. You have only translated the plugin strings and not the readme. You need above 90% for “Development” and “Development Readme” together, check the percentage of both columns for your language at


  • Returhåndtering indstillinger side


Der er 3 måder at installere dette plugin:

Den supernemme måde

  1. I dit WordPress kontrolpanel, naviger til Plugins > Tilføj ny
  2. Søg efter Bounce Handler MailPoet
  3. Klik på “installer nu” under “Bounce Handler MailPoet”
  4. Aktiver plugin-et
  5. En ny Bounce Handling undermenu vil dukke op under MailPoet menuen i dit WordPress kontrolpanel

2. Den nemme måde

  1. Download plugin-et (.zip filen) ved at bruge den blå “download” knap under plugin banneret øverst
  2. I dit WordPress kontrolpanel, naviger til Plugins > Tilføj ny
  3. Klik på “Upload plugin”
  4. Upload .zip filen.
  5. Aktiver plugin-et
  6. En ny Bounce Handling undermenu vil dukke op under MailPoet menuen i dit WordPress kontrolpanel

3. Den gammeldags og sikre måde (FTP)

  1. Download plugin-et (.zip filen) ved at bruge den blå “download” knap under plugin banneret øverst
  2. Udtræk arkivet og upload derefter via FTP bounce-handler-mailpoet mappen til <WP installations mappen > /wp-content/plugins/ på din server
  3. Aktiver plugin-et
  4. En ny Bounce Handling undermenu vil dukke op under MailPoet menuen i dit WordPress kontrolpanel


12. februar, 2019 1 reply
A recent bug crashed our complete web site. While it was repaired within a couple of days, such bugs are not supposed to happen with sufficient testing in my opinion.
30. januar, 2019
Good, easy to use app. Does what it says and the support people are very responsive. Added useful feature within days of asking.
30. januar, 2019
This plugin is very uesefull and easy to setup. It provides the information about your bad results for specific email addresses.
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