Digital River Global Commerce


Activate the free Digital River plugin and start selling anywhere in the world. We have the technology to help you build your store quickly and the global infrastructure to accelerate global expansion, grow your revenue and protect your brand from risk. For a custom demo and more details, visit our WordPress Connector resource center.


Product/Pricing Management (product pages)

  • Product catalog management (physical, digital and subscription products)
  • Merchandising offers
  • Configurable shipping options
  • Configurable Product Import Schedule
  • Local transaction currencies

Order Management /Shopping Experience (cart, checkout and confirmation pages)

  • Localizable Content (Language, Currency, Tax Inclusive/Exclusion)
  • Tax calculation
  • Tax management (registration, collection, filing, and remittance)
  • Support for both US (Tax certificate) and Global Tax exemptions (Tax ID#)
  • Support for EIN (US only)
  • Fraud screening
  • Advanced fraud management
  • Fraud liability guarantee
  • Denied Parties List (DPL)
  • Privacy requirements
  • Payment processing (credit cards and alternative payment methods)
  • Payment processing for Subscriptions (Registered Shoppers and credit card only)
  • Recurring Billing (credit card only)
  • Dropin (Digital River’s turnkey payment integration)
  • Tokenization
  • Acquirer redundancy
  • Billing optimization
  • Chargeback mitigation and dispute management
  • Terms of sale and legal disclosures

Shopper Experience (registration/login and account pages)

  • Profile management (register, login and manage addresses)
  • Order history
  • Manage existing subscriptions
  • View Tax certificate eligibility (Registered Shopper – US only)
  • Right to Withdrawal Request (EU Consumer Rights Directive)

Our flexible API architecture allows you to customize your ecommerce solution. Digital River can be your complete solution or we can easily plug into your existing systems.

Want a fast and easy way to sell into new markets? Activate the Digital River plugin and we’ll work behind the scenes to process payments, fight fraud, fulfill orders, and shield your business from global tax and regulatory risk.


Enter new markets in months, not years. With pre-established local acquirers and selling entities around the world, Digital River helps you accelerate time to market and ignite your global sales in over 200 countries.


Where most payment processors offer a suboptimal cross-border model, Digital River gives you the onshore advantage of local acquiring. Unlike cross-border models, we help you offer the right local payment methods, language and currency, and ensure that your customers don’t get hit with foreign transaction fees. We do all this by leveraging the 20 local acquirers and 9 selling entities we’ve established around the world. As a result, you see higher authorization rates, lower cart abandonment, and greater overall customer experiences.


By giving you the onshore advantage over cross-border processing, you can increase authorization rates by 8-12%. And beyond that, we further optimize your revenue by using machine learning to find the optimal route for transactions. By combining machine learning with the industry’s most sophisticated billing technology and deep acquirer network, we can determine where and when to route a transaction for optimal success. And we retry billing attempts to further reduce your decline rates.


Avoid fatal fines, litigation, and damage to your brand’s reputation by staying compliant with ever-changing tax and data privacy regulations. Worried about filing VAT taxes to multiple tax authorities? We do that for you. Worried about staying compliant with GDPR, PSD2 and other consumer protection regulations? We manage that for you. And we do all this through our unique merchant and seller of record business model.


  • A Digital River account is required for use of this plugin. To inquire contact
  • Feature and Installation documentation can be found here.
    Follow these steps to setup Digital River Global Commerce:
  1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  2. Configure ‘Digital River > Settings’
  3. Import Products


Do I need to do a custom integration on my WordPress storefront in order to get Digital River’s commerce features?

No, a full checkout flow is included as part of the plugin. Login, Cart, Checkout, and Thank You pages are all included and can be called by the storefront as needed.

Is merchandising included in the plugin?

Yes. The plugin offers commonly-used merchandising offer types.

Does Digital River host my WordPress site/storefront?

No, you are responsible for hosting your own site.


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[2.0.1] – 2021-03-31

  • Tax display logic changed and based on DR locale
  • Unblock US billing/Shipping country for Global TAX ID Management
  • Add hook function for home page URL. Developer could modify home page URL
  • Add hook function for reCaptcha. Developer could add their own reCaptcha
  • Remove unused Cookie

[2.0] – 2020-12-16

  • Added build-in localizaction features with translations
  • Support different display types of tax inclusive/exclusive price in checkout page
  • Support build-in Currency and locale selector
  • Enhance the compatibility of hosting service by removing custom cookies
  • Refactor product import. Now the plugin support one product with 300+ variations
  • Support Global Tax ID Management and Tax exemption(US)
  • Added GDPR/Compliance
  • Added new payment module:Dropin. You don’t need to add extra code in order to make payment work on WordPress

[1.3.1] – 2020-08-05

  • Added new display for Tax inclusive/exclusive price
  • Added Change Password feature in Profile management
  • Minor Bug fixes

[1.3] – 2020-07-14

  • Added Subscriptions feature with support for manual/recurring billing
  • Added Profile management for registered shoppers to manage and view orders, addresses and subscriptions
  • Added Business Checkout via EIN (US only)
  • Enhanced Upsell promotion feature
  • Minor Bug fixes

[1.2.1] – 2020-05-21

  • Updated Shopper Security Features
  • Verified Support of WordPress V5.4
  • Automatic Logout after 1 hour idle time
  • Improved Loading animation in checkout flow
  • Bug fixes for shipping options and product variations

[1.2] – 2020-02-19

  • Added default legal links in the footer and Terms Of Sale checkbox during checkout
  • Updated text label of locale dropdown during checkout from “Locale” to “Currency” for ease of use by shoppers
  • Added support for dynamic naming tax field as “Tax” or “VAT” based on geographic region of sale

[1.1] – 2019-12-23

  • New Payment Method Support: Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Real-time product pricing updates within your site on product catalog changes
  • Enhanced checkout pages with Account Creation and Guest Checkout options
  • When a shopper’s shipping addressed is not confirmed, Shipping Costs will be shown as estimated and not actuals
  • Improved Settings Page help text

[1.0.2] – 2019-11-13

  • Hide locale selector when there is only one option available
  • Fixed wrong path of product image gallery

[1.0.1] – 2019-09-26

  • Updated checkout section transition animation
  • Cart banner width is now responsive
  • Aligned legal footer
  • Additional validation to shipping and billing information inputs
  • Fixed an issue where a product would show an additional reduced price value even when an offer was not applied. Now only the full price will appear if there are no offers applied
  • Fixed an issue where you could reduce line item quantity to zero without removing the entire line item. You can no longer reduce quantity lower than one during checkout for a line item without removing the whole line

[1.0] – 2019-08-30

  • Initial release