This plugin has been closed as of 10. januar, 2023 and is not available for download. Årsag: Sikkerhedsproblem.


10. februar, 2020
Really dont understand ppl, giving strenge ratings to this plugin….It’s a real timesaver ! (if you obviously know, what you are doing…) —> this plugin should be an “onboard-Wordpress-Tool” I had some 15.000 attachments and tried to delete them with the onboard wordpress media manager….forget it! too slow! But not for DNUI…. Big thanx to the developer for such great plugin:)
26. maj, 2019
They say: Image not used, you are delating it and… just you had lost images from your active pages. Shit.
21. september, 2018
I see people posting bad reviews because, in short, they didn’t bother to look what they were doing. You can set what you wan this plugin to delete under options. If you are not sure what an option does, then you shouldn’t be using the plugin. To give the review a shit rating because you didn’t pay attention is just unfair. Works for my main site and 5 subs, so it does what it says it does.
22. juli, 2018
This plugin removed me images that were used. Fortunately I made a backup before, I hope I can put everything back in order!
20. november, 2017
Dont use it. Because this will delete your thumbnails. its check only images which is used in post content, not in _thumbnail. i use this plugin because i need to clean up disk space. i have over 11 thousand posts. over 6 thousand post i recently delete. so i need to delete all these images which was used on these 6 thousand post. its over 4 GB in size. so i could not take a backup. unfortunately all gone. all these 11 thousand posts now useless without thumbnail. so its totally mess for me. my work over months are wasted just for this fucking plugin.
23. oktober, 2017
The plugin works pretty good! you must search it in the tools menu in your dashboard! Keep it live and give 5 stars for it!
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