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WP Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel added to every Page including Standard and WooCommerce Events with custom data. Easy setup, no coding! WooCommerce 2.5 ready!

Version 4.3

Released 05/25/2016


  • Preventing notices from reaching out to our server to comply with WordPress.org rules.

Version 4.2

Released 05/25/2016

Generelle indstillinger

  • Enhanced support with System Report
  • Added link in settings to post
  • Fixed settings related to tracking specific taxonomy values.

Version 4.1 - Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Released 05/13/2016



  • Resolved issue with our updater to re-enable 1 click updates to the pro version.

Version 4.0 - Eurasier

Released 05/05/2016

Notification Optimizations

  • Get notifications only once per day
  • Redesigned notifications so they do not rely on core WordPress styling which can be overridden

Category / Tag Tracking

  • Updated to track slug instead of name

Key Tracking

  • Default to not track all keys

Version 3.5 - Doberman Pinscher

Released 04/21/2016

Generelle indstillinger

  • Enhanced logging

Version 3.4 - Drever

Released 04/18/2016

Generelle indstillinger

  • Tested with WordPress 4.5
  • Added check for external blocking
  • Lowered timeout for getting notifications from server to 1 second

Bug Fix

  • Prevent notifications from displaying on settings page

Version 3.3 - Dingo

Released 04/11/2016

Bug Fix

Version 3.2 - Dogo Argentino

Released 04/04/2016

Bug Fix

Version 3.1 - Dachshund

Released 03/31/2016

Added requested features:

  • Enable/Disable sending product value by event
  • Search tracking

Bug Fix

Version 3.0 - Dalmatian

Released 03/19/2016

Added support for the following new features/options:

  • Track Title (pro)
  • Delay ViewContent Event (pro)
  • Track duration on page (pro)
  • User type tracking
  • Category tracking (pro)
  • Meta Key tracking (pro)
  • Custom WooCommerce product value (pro)
  • Disable tracking of WooCommerce events

Version 2.7 - Corgi

Released 2/9/2016

Bug Fix

  • Removed force of jQuery to load in footer. Thanks tjakonen!

Version 2.6 - Chow Chow

Released 1/22/2016

Updated array init.

Version 2.5 - Chow Chow

Released 1/22/2016

Generelle indstillinger

  • Updated support information
  • Tested WooCommerce 2.5

Updated Plugin Options

  • Hid Pixel Code
  • Added Pixel ID Option
  • Added Init process to find PixelID from Code and post message

Updated Metabox

  • Added client side validation to Values
  • Updated KeyValue description
  • Set KeyValues to hidden until an event is selected

Front End Optimization

  • Added JavaScript to process objects and submit FBQ request.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue reported by mobile_impaired (Thank you!)
  • Fixed issue reported by Els Jansen (Thank you!)

Version 2.4 - Boxer

Released 1/15/2016

  • Continued code-base changes

Version 2.3 - Boxer

Released 1/15/2016

  • Continued code-base changes

Version 2.2 - Bulldog

Released 1/14/2016

  • Major code-base restructure to improve performance and updatability.
  • Improved error handling and notifications.

Version 2.1 - Bullmastiff

Released 1/13/2016

Enhanced SKU tracking

Version 2.0 - Beagle

Released 12/28/2015

Integrated Woo Commerce: Adds the following events automatically

  • ViewContent: Added on product page
  • AddToCart: Sent when user clicks add to cart button
  • Purchase: Added to order received page

Version 1.0 - Akita

Released 12/09/2015

Initial Version

  • Added the main pixel (ViewPage) to all posts
  • Added metabox to all posts allowing the addition of 1 Standard Event
  • Post Metabox allowed for the definition of any number of key value pairs to send with the event
  • Post event triggered on page load

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.7
Sidst opdateret: 10 måneder ago
Aktive installeringer: 2,000+


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