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WP Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel added to every Page including Standard and WooCommerce Events with custom data. Easy setup, no coding! WooCommerce 2.5 ready!

  1. wp-facebook-pixel screenshot 1

    WP Facebook Pixel General Settings page

  2. wp-facebook-pixel screenshot 2

    WP Facebook Pixel Category/Tag tracking. Allows you to choose specific terms and tags to track.

  3. wp-facebook-pixel screenshot 3

    WP Facebook Pixel Meta key tracking. Allows you to track all keys with 1 click.

  4. wp-facebook-pixel screenshot 4

    WP Facebook pixel WooCommerce options. Enable and disable options on an event by event, page by page basis giving you full control over what is tracked.

  5. wp-facebook-pixel screenshot 5

    WP Facebook Pixel Metabox example from a 'Thank you for joining' page. This includes the product the customer was interested in when signing up and a referral ID whose value is obtained from the query string parameter 'refid'

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.7
Sidst opdateret: 10 måneder ago
Aktive installeringer: 2,000+


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