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Are you looking for a simple ad manager plugin? These are the top arguments to use Advanced Ads:

  • approved in publishing and ad optimization since 2009
  • works with all ad types and networks, including Google AdSense, Google Ad Manager (formerly Google DoubleClick for Publishers, DFP), Amazon ads, or ads
  • most features to test and optimize ads
  • unlimited ad units
  • ads.txt support
  • dedicated ad block for the block editor
  • Google AdSense Partner, who implements all technical changes early and in 100% compliance with the Google AdSense policies
  • the only advertising solution with Ad Health integration and Google AdSense violation checks
  • best rated free support

This is what our users are saying about Advanced Ads:

We use this plugin to deliver rotating ads on a community news site, and it’s great. Both feature-rich and reliable, your imagination is the limit when it comes to the product you want to create for your users. We’ve delivered over a million ad impressions since we launched less than a year ago, using a combination of sidebar, top, sticky and in-content placements — both HTML5 and images. Advanced Ads makes it easy for our small team to deliver a good experience to our users and our advertisers.
mytown304 on

Would you like to know if there is a certain feature, what the optimized setup would be, or how to implement your client’s demands? Just open a thread in the forum!

Advanced Ads allowed us to grow from 0 to 100 MM monthly ad impressions. Benefit from our experience as a publisher and monetize your website today!

Komplet liste over funktioner.

ad management

  • create and display unlimited ad units
  • rotate ads
  • schedule ads and set start time and expiration date
  • target ads by content and user groups
  • inject ads into posts and pages automatically without coding


vælg mellem forskellige annoncetyper, der giver dig mulighed for at:

  • insert ads and banners from all ad and affiliate networks (e.g., Google AdSense, Amazon, BuySellAds, Google Ad Manager (formerly Google DoubleClick for Publishers, DFP), Ezoic,,, Tradedoubler, Awin, Getyourguide, The Moneytizer, Infolinks…)
  • dedicated support for all types of Google AdSense ads, including text and display ads, native ads (In-article, In-feed, matched content), Auto ads, and Auto ads for AMP
  • vis billeder og billed bannere
  • opret indholdsrige annoncer med WordPress TinyMCE editor
  • insert contextual Amazon Native Shopping Ads
  • inject HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP code
  • use shortcodes within ads (to also deliver advertisements from another ad plugin like Ad Inserter, AdRotate, Quick AdSense, WP Bannerize, or the Google AdSense Plugin WP QUADS)

display ads for WP

  • auto-inject ads via placements
  • use functions to display ads in template files
  • use shortcodes to place ads manually in post content
  • show ads in the sidebar and in widgets
  • disable all ads on specific pages
  • display multiple ads (ad blocks)
  • display a customizable ad label, e.g., “Advertisements” above each banner ad


vis annoncer baseret på betingelser som:

  • individuelle indlæg, sider og andre indholdstyper
  • posts by category, tags, taxonomies, author, and age
  • arkiv sider efter kategori, tags, klassificeringer
  • specielle sidetyper som 404, vedhæftninger og forside
  • skjul annoncer på sekundære forespørgsler (f.eks. indlæg i sidepaneler)
  • display or hide banners within the post feed
  • hide all ads from specific page types, e.g., 404 pages, feed
  • skjul annoncer fra bots og webcrawlere


serve ads by conditions based on the visitor. List of all visitor conditions

  • display or hide a banner by device: mobile and tablet or desktop
  • display or hide a banner by role and for logged-in visitors
  • avancerede besøgsbetingelser: tidligere besøgt URL (henvisning), bruger kapacitet, browser sprog, browser og enhed, URL parametre, der indgår i Pro
  • display ads by geolocation with the Geo Targeting add-on
  • vis annoncer efter browserbredde med Responsive udvidelse

Fantastic plugin and outstanding support
I tried at least three other ad plugins for WordPress and ‘Advanced Ads’ is by and far the best one. Last but not least in the support. The first port of call are a number of excellent tutorials. And finally the hands on support. I don’t quite know how he does it but the speed and depth of responses are absolutely amazing.
djsawyer on

annonce-injicering | placeringer

Placements to insert ads in pre-defined positions in your theme and content. List of all placements

  • ads after any given paragraph, headline, image, or other HTML element
  • annoncer i toppen eller bunden af indlæggets indhold
  • annoncer før lukning </head> tag
  • annoncer i sidefoden
  • create split tests and A/B testing
  • mange flere annoncepositioner med udvidelse
  • automatic insertion of any kind of code into header or footer, not only advertising

mobile devices

  • display ads on mobile and tablets or desktop only
  • vis responsive billedannoncer
  • annoncer til specifikke browserstørrelser kun ved brug af Responsive annoncer
  • inserting ads on AMP pages with Responsive Ads

Google AdSense

Amazing features of the most powerful and easy Google AdSense plugin.

  • unlimited Google AdSense ads banners
  • pull ad units directly from your Google AdSense account
  • show AdSense revenue in WP Admin
  • change settings of your Google AdSense ads directly from your WordPress backend
  • supports all Google AdSense ad types, including Google AdSense display ads, native ads like In-feed ads, In-article ads, matched content ads, Google AdSense Auto ads, and Google AdSense Auto ads for AMP
  • change type and sizes of AdSense ads without going into your Google AdSense account
  • hide Google AdSense advertisements on 404 pages by default (to comply with Google AdSense terms)
  • insert Google AdSense code for verification and AdSense Auto Ads
  • enable AdSense Auto ads on AMP
  • easy Ad Health integration and Google AdSense violation checks
  • option to remove the Google AdSense background color
  • place Google AdSense In-feed ads using the also free In-feed add-on
  • assistent for nøjagtige størrelser af responsiv Google AdSense kode med Responsive udvidelse
  • convert Google AdSense ads into AMP ads automatically with the Responsive add-on
  • ads.txt generated with the correct AdSense information automatically
  • works along with Google Site Kit or can replace it if you want to control your ad placements

Like j4ckson185, there are thousands of happy AdSense users:

Your app is awesome, congratulations! Google Adsense suggests using your app on its official website, it’s incredible!


  • generates an ads.txt with custom content
  • adds the content for AdSense to the ads.txt automatically

annonce blokker

  • grundlæggende funktioner til at forhindre annonceenheder i at blive fjernet af AdBlock og andre blokeringer
  • forhindre annonceblokkering i at bryde websteder, hvor plugin-scripts kører
  • ad blocking detection: show alternative content to ad block users with Pro and improve the monetization of your website

Få flere oplysninger på plugin startsiden .

Thank you for motivating us with your positive review.

Localizations: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese


  • all add-ons include priority email support
  • Advanced Ads Pro – powerful tools for ad optimizations: cache-busting, more placements, lazy loading, ad blocker module, click fraud protection, and many more
  • Tracking – track ad impressions and ad clicks with local methods or Google Analytics
  • Responsive Annoncer – opret mobilannoncer eller annoncer til specifikke browserstørrelser og annoncer på AMP
  • Google Ad Manager Integration – a quick and error-free way to load ad units from your Google Ad Manager (formerly Google DoubleClick for Publishers, DFP) account without touching any ad codes
  • Geo Targeting – display ads based on the geo location of the visitor
  • Sticky Ads – øg klikfrekvensen med faste, klæbrige og anker-annoncer
  • Fixed Widget for WordPress – turn sidebar widgets into performant fixed sticky ads
  • PopUp og lag-annoncer – vise annoncer og andet indhold i lag og pop op-vinduer
  • Selling Ads – allows you to sell ads on your website fully automated, including payments and advertiser profiles
  • Slider – Opret en simpel slider ud fra dine annoncer

If you have problems with Advanced Ads, please reach out to our support or open a new topic in our forums on


Advanced Ads integrates with plenty of other plugins:


  • Placeringer, der lader dig injicere annoncer hvor som helst på dit websted uden kodning (7 i Advanced ads + 14 gennem tilføjelser).
  • Support for all kinds of annoncetyper, including dedicated AdSense type. AMP is included in the Responsive add-on.
  • Flexible ad input with the Plain Text ad type and code highlighting.
  • Align your ads within the content.
  • Dynamically change AdSense ad options in your WordPress backend.
  • Choose where to display your ads using many conditions.
  • Use various conditions to choose who should see ads (basic plugin and more in add-ons).
  • See AdSense earnings in your WP Backend
  • Track impressions and clicks (Tracking add-on).
  • Convert AdSense ads into AMP automatically (Responsive add-on)


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • Advanced Ads – Ad Manager & AdSense


Hvordan installeres pluginet og får det til at virke?

Ved brug af WordPress kontrolpanel

  1. Naviger til ‘Tilføj ny’ i plugin kontrolpanelet
  2. Søg efter ‘advanced ads’
  3. Klik “Installer nu”
  4. Aktiver Advanced Ads i plugin kontrolpanelet

Upload i WordPress kontrolpanel

  1. Naviger til ‘Tilføj ny’ i plugin kontrolpanelet
  2. Naviger til ‘Upload’ området
  3. Vælg fra din computer
  4. Klik “Installer nu”
  5. Aktiver Advanced Ads i plugin kontrolpanelet

Ved brug af FTP

  1. Download
  2. Udpak advanced-ads biblioteket til din computer
  3. Upload advanced-ads biblioteket til /wp-content/plugins/ mappen
  4. Aktiver Advanced Ads i plugin kontrolpanelet


How to put ads on WordPress?

You can use Advanced Ads to insert ads into your WordPress site without any coding.

To get started, just take a look at

What about my users’ privacy and GDPR?

The plugin comes with Privacy settings that help you gather consent from users before showing ads to them. The feature works for any ads managed with the plugin, including AdSense Auto ads.

Once you enable one of the Privacy options, Advanced Ads blocks ads that need consent until it is given. You can disable that check for individual ads as well (e.g., for image ads).
You can also deliver non-personalized AdSense ads when that is legally allowed in your area.

Advanced Ads itself does neither save personal information (e.g., an IP address) in your database nor cookies in the visitor’s browser.

You can learn more about how Advanced Ads and its add-ons handles data and privacy of your visitors on this page.

Which ad networks are supported?

Advanced Ads is compatible with all ad networks and banners from affiliate programs like Google AdSense, Chitika, Clickbank, Amazon, and also Google Ad Manager (formerly Google DoubleClick for Publishers, DFP),

You can also use it to insert additional ad network tags into header or footer of your site without coding.

AdSense has even a dedicated ad type leveling the specific options this ad network provides.

PHP functions and shortcodes

Du kan bruge funktioner og shortcodes til at vise annoncer og annoncegrupper.

Heltalene i dette eksempel er ID’erne for elementerne.

Brug disse shortcodes til at indsætte en annonce eller gruppe i dit indlæg/side.

[the_ad id="24"]
[the_ad_group id="5"]

Brug disse funktioner til at indsætte en annonce eller annoncegruppe i din skabelon-fil.

<?php the_ad(24); ?>
<?php the_ad_group(5); ?>

Ud over direkte at vise annoncer og grupper, kan du definere annonceplaceringer og tildele enten en annonce eller gruppe til dem.

[the_ad_placement id="header-left"]
<?php the_ad_placement('header-left'); ?>

Er der en indtægtsandel?

Der er ingen indtægtsandel. Advanced Ads ændrer ikke dine annoncekoder på en måde, som gør at du tjener mindre end du ville gøre, hvis du indsatte koden direkte herunder annoncekoden i din skabelon.

Can I place ads directly in my theme files?

Yes. I would add a “Manual” placement into your theme files. It would allow you to change the displayed ads or groups later without changing your code again.

Does it work with other ad plugins?

Yes. Advanced Ads can be combined with other ad plugins.
Just use their shortcodes in our “Rich Media” ad type to combine both features.
Works with AdRotate, Ad Inserter, Ad Injection, Quick AdSense, Quick AdSense Reloaded (WPQUADS), Simple Ads Manager, and other plugins.
Advanced Ads can be used along Google Site Kit or replace it if you need more control over your ad setup.

Is the plugin compatible with page builders?

Yes. It works out of the box with all site builders that allow shortcodes or widgets, like Elementor, SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer), Nimble Page Builder, and others.
There is also a free add-on to support the WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer).

Will ads show up for ad block users?

Visitors who have any ad blocker (e.g., AdBlock Plus) enabled won’t see ads from known external sources (e.g., AdSense).
You can still monetize those spots with custom content.

Read more about ad blockers and the features Advanced Ads has to deal with them on this page.

Does the plugin support an ads.txt?

Google AdSense and some other networks ask you to provide an ads.txt.
Advanced Ads can create that file automatically with the correct information for AdSense, when you enable the ads.txt feature in Advanced Ads > Settings > General > ads.txt and enter your AdSense publisher ID in Advanced Ads > Settings > AdSense.

I am a developer. Can I customize the plugin?

Yes. You can use plenty of hooks to customize Advanced Ads.


3. januar, 2022
Most useful ad plugin on the web. I just wish the premium version, included everything in one install
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  • Feature: add “Expired” and “Expiring” views to the ad overview list replacing the expiry date filter
  • Improvement: use “saved” dashicon when an element was saved correctly or a process finished
  • Improvement: don’t report HTML5 tags or custom elements as invalid tags in custom ad content
  • Improvement: optimize warnings from AdSense account and clarify that these warnings are not from Advanced Ads
  • Improvement: separate inject_in_content code into class Advanced_Ads_In_Content_Injector
  • Improvement: update video manual display conditions


  • Fix: correct ad weight calculation if ad count in group is retained but ad ids change


  • Fix: prevent overriding of ads’ weight 0 in ad groups


  • Fix: properly output HTML attributes for TCF 2.0 script tag
  • Fix: centralize and normalize Ad Group weight calculation
  • Fix: escape closing HTML tags for ads injected into main content which use document.write
  • Fix: add CSS class for hidden elements on medium and wider screens


  • Improvement: hide feedback form when the plugin is disabled multiple times without feedback
  • Fix: prevent applying array functions to boolean in Advanced_Ads_Group
  • Fix: add default weight for ads added to groups via the ad edit screen


  • Fix: copy missing composer/platform_check.php


  • Improvement: add advanced-ads-group-taxonomy-params filter to change ad group taxonomy parameters
  • Improvement: add “Manual Placements” to the Advanced Ads block and sidebar widget
  • Improvement: update Black Friday promotion
  • Fix: enable Ad Admin and Ad Manager to assign ads to groups from ad edit page and quick edit view
  • Fix: disable unavailable ad types on the ad edit page
  • Fix: improve AdSense auto ads code warning on ad edit page
  • Fix: handle AdSense report API response for accounts without earnings
  • Fix: remove amp-auto-ads element on non-AMP URLs
  • Fix: honor disabling ads settings for AMP pages
  • Fix: escape placement selectors for jQuery to allow adding conditions to multibyte placement names
  • Fix: ensure correct text domain for translations
  • Fix: make the ad list sortable in descending order
  • Fix: remove hard-coded orderby and order for posts list
  • Fix: prevent updating ad weights of non-published ads
  • Fix: correct Display Conditions meta box video player
  • Fix: remove escaped HTML tags in new placement form
  • Fix: resolve a conflict with WPML where conditions were not displayed correctly on the placement page
  • Fix: move placement of the ad blocker disguise settings