This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

EDD Auto Registrer


Dette plugin kræver nu Easy Digital Downloads v2.3 eller nyere.

Når EDD Auto Registrer aktiveres vil det oprette en WordPress bruger konto for din kunde på kasse siden uden at kunden skal udfylde yderligere oplysninger. Dette tilsidesætter behovet for EDD standard registrerings formularen, og reducerer dratisk den tid det tager dine kunder at fuldfører deres køb.

Guest checkout is required so the plugin overrides the setting. The registration form is hidden on checkout while the plugin is active.

Der er adskillige filtre tilgængelige for udviklere. Se FAQ fanebladet for mere information.

Flere udvidelser til Easy Digital Downloads

Du kan finde flere udvidelser (både gratis og kommercielle) fra Easy Digital Downloads’ websted


  • Standard købs formularen som vil oprette en bruger konto ud fra kundens e-mail adresse
  • The plugin's simple login form when both "Disable Guest Checkout" and "Show Register / Login Form?" are enabled
  • The error message that shows when "Disable Guest Checkout" is enabled, but "Show Register / Login Form?" is not


  1. Udpak hele indholdet af denne plugin zip fil til dit wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Opload til dit websted
  3. Gå til wp-admin/plugins.php på dit websted (dit WP Kontrolpanel)
  4. Aktiver dette plugin
  5. Sådan! bruger konti vil automatisk blive oprettet for dine kunder når de køber dine produkter for første gang og deres log ind oplysninger vil blive sendt som e-mail til dem

ELLER du kan bare installer det ved hjælp af WordPress ved, at gå til Plugins >> Tilføj ny >> og indtaste dette plugins navn


Hvordan kan jeg ændre nogle af de vigtigste aspekter i plugin’et?

Der findes filtre som er tilgængelige for at ændre måden pluginet virker på. Se listen nedenfor:

  1. edd_auto_register_email_subject
  2. edd_auto_register_headers
  3. edd_auto_register_insert_user_args
  4. edd_auto_register_email_body
  5. edd_auto_register_error_must_login
  6. edd_auto_register_login_form
  7. edd_auto_register_disable

Kan I givet et eksempel på hvordan man ændre emnelinjen på en e-mail?

Tilføj følgende til dit undertemas functions.php

function my_child_theme_edd_auto_register_email_subject( $subject ) {

    // enter your new subject below
    $subject = 'Here are your new login details';

    return $subject;

add_filter( 'edd_auto_register_email_subject', 'my_child_theme_edd_auto_register_email_subject' );

Kan I give et eksempel på hvordan man med filter kan ændre på indholdet i en e-mail?

Tilføj følgende til dit undertemas functions.php

function my_child_theme_edd_auto_register_email_body( $default_email_body, $first_name, $username, $password ) {

    // Modify accordingly
    $default_email_body = __( "Dear", "edd-auto-register" ) . ' ' . $first_name . ",\n\n";
    $default_email_body .= __( "Below are your login details:", "edd-auto-register" ) . "\n\n";
    $default_email_body .= __( "Your Username:", "edd-auto-register" ) . ' ' . $username . "\n\n";
    $default_email_body .= __( "Your Password:", "edd-auto-register" ) . ' ' . $password . "\n\n";
    $default_email_body .= __( "Login:", "edd-auto-register" ) . ' ' . wp_login_url() . "\r\n";

    return $default_email_body;

add_filter( 'edd_auto_register_email_body', 'my_child_theme_edd_auto_register_email_body', 10, 4 );

Kan I give et eksempel på, hvordan man deaktiverer autoregistrering?

Tilføj følgende til dit undertemas functions.php

 * Disable auto register for specific products
function my_child_theme_disable_auto_register() {
    $cart_contents = edd_get_cart_contents();
    if ( ! $cart_contents ) {
    foreach ( $cart_contents as $key => $item ) {
        $items[] = $item['id'];
    // List of download ids that require auto register
    $items_for_auto_register = array( '21', '987' );
    // If there are no downloads that require auto register then disable it.
    if ( ! array_intersect( $items, $items_for_auto_register ) ) {
        add_filter( 'edd_auto_register_disable', '__return_true', 11 );
add_action( 'init', 'my_child_theme_disable_auto_register', 11 );

Hvordan kan jeg deaktiver en e-mail i at blive sendt til kunden?

Der er valgmuligheder under downloads → indstillinger → udvidelser


29. oktober, 2019
This is an excellent extension to add to Easy Digital Downloads. It eliminates confusion and friction for users when they purchase something on your site because it automatically creates an account for them and logs them in. It's especially useful when selling online courses or memberships on your site. I use it specifically for LearnDash and it works great. Because it creates the account & logs the user in immediately after a purchase, they can begin consuming your content or taking your course right away.
20. februar, 2018
Security is sadly a topic that the EDD people to not care about. Sending clear text passwords out to people should not be done. I have fixed this with this code. This hides the field be then tells the users after the did the purchase that they should create a password. Not very user friendly, I currently had disabled it but I am thinking of activating it again because I think my sales gone down because if this. <?php namespace nextgenthemes\website; add_filter( 'edd_auto_register_email_body', __NAMESPACE__ . '\\edd_auto_register_email_body', 10, 4 ); function edd_auto_register_email_body( $default_email_body, $first_name, $username, $password ) { // Email body $out = __( "Dear", "edd-auto-register" ) . ' ' . $first_name . ",\n\n"; $out .= sprintf( __( "Thanks for your purchase! A account with a random password has been created for you. Please <a href='%s'>follow the lost password procedure</a> to create a secure password for your account in case you want to ask a support question or access your downloads. (For security reasons passwords are not send out in cleartext)", "nextgenthemes-website" ), wp_lostpassword_url() ) . "\n\n"; $out .= __( "Your Username:", "edd-auto-register" ) . ' ' . $username . "\n\n"; return $out; } Also using emails and usernames isn't exactly great either as you can guess them form the author slugs WP generates from them. My Idea would be so simply use javascript on checkout to fill in a random generate password on checkout automatically. WP already has a function for this. And do not display the 2nd password confirm field at all, and maybe even autofill the username field with something based on the first/last name they enter. To elaborate on my point that this is not the first time I notice this pattern from EDD: They had ssl_verify => false all over their code, I think its now changed it now changed some areas, or at least the is a option to verify your shops ssl. But with the software licensing extension those API calls and downloads are (or at lease were) totally unresponsively ignoring SSL altogether. Because some WP bug that was fixed like 10 years ago. Their entire attitude to simply ignore it because it may fail in some very rare cases is very bad. It could lead to a chain reaction from a MITM attack on that all extensions they ship to customers would ship from hackers sites instead with malicious code and given that many of their customers use EDD SL as well they could spread it from there. Because all the API calls simple ignor(ed) SSL! Not a security expert but at least I pay a little bit attention. Also, and my guess is that this is very common in this industry. They do support via email and they expect you to send them passwords to your sites in cleartext! Great Idea, bad execution.
15. maj, 2017
This plugin works, I have a suggestion though. In the EDD settings > Misc > Checkout Settings > Show Register / Login Form? You should remove the first two options in the Select field since they no longer apply. I got stuck on this setting for 30 second, no biggy but would make setup smoother.
1. maj, 2017
Keep your checkout fields minimal to improve conversions while still getting your customer accounts established. Definitely a key add-on for my EDD sites. Can't do without it now.
3. september, 2016
I wish there was an option to enable the introduction of the password directly from the form
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Version 1.3.14, October 28, 2020

  • Fix: New user email not sent when Auto Register is active.
  • New: Add Danish translations.
  • New: Add Auto Register section in EDD Extension settings.

Version 1.3.13, October 22, 2019

  • Fix: Fatal error when Easy Digital DOwnloads core is not active.

Version 1.3.12, October 9, 2019

  • Fix: Removed legacy edd_debug_log function declaration in order to avoid producing errors during EDD Updates.

Version 1.3.11, July 26, 2019

  • Fix: Fixed integration issue with Recurring Payments where payments were being prevented.
  • New: Some EDD 3.0 compatibility improvements.
  • New: Improved integration with Software Licensing by using recommended methods.
  • New: Improved some debugging assistance code.
  • New: Improved requiring EDD core’s existence if Auto Register installed without it.

Version 1.3.10, February 16, 2018

  • Fix: Brugerkonti ikke oprettet ved Free Downloads

Version 1.3.9, April 27, 2017

  • Fix: User not added to subsite when user already exists in site network


  • Fix: Invalid foreach error when purchase does not contain license keys


  • Fix: Ensure user ID is set on license keys properly


  • Opdateret plugin forfattere


  • Fix: Users not automatically logged in when using the Free Downloads extension


  • Fix: Users not automatically logged in when using Buy Now buttons
  • Fix: Manual purchases incorrectly assigned to site administrator that created the payment


  • Tweak: Added support for other extensions to run the registration process before a payment is recorded
  • Fix: Removed unused global variables
  • Fix: Properly force Guest Checkout to be enabled


  • Fix: Correct compatibility with Easy Digital Downloads user verification process.


  • Fix: Issue with customers being forced to log in


  • Fix: Resolves compatibility issues with Easy Digital Downloads 2.1+
  • Fix: User accounts now created anytime a payment record is created, not just during checkout to resolve compatibility with some extensions
  • Fix: Dramatically simplified code base


  • Fix: EDD activation check


  • Tweak: Pass $user_data along to edd_auto_register_insert_user_args filter
  • Tweak: Pass username through sanitize_user() function


  • New: User account creation now closely mimics that of EDD core meaning a user account will be created no matter what payment gateway is used
  • New: “Lost Password?” link added to “login to purchase” form
  • New: Setting to disable the admin notification
  • New: Setting to disable the user notification
  • New: edd_auto_register_insert_user_args filter. This can be used to do things such as modify the default role of the user when they are created
  • Tweak: If a user who previously had an account returns to make a purchase it will no longer display “Email Address already in use”. Instead it will be treated as a guest purchase
  • Tweak: Email sent to user now includes login URL
  • Tweak: Major code overhaul
  • Tweak: New user email no longer uses the default EDD receipt template so it’s not styled like a receipt if you have a custom template.


  • New: Adding custom translations is now easier by adding them to the wp-content/languages/edd-auto-register folder
  • New: Spanish and Catalan translations. Thanks to Joan Boluda!
  • Fix: Undefined index errors when form was submitted without email address
  • Fix: Text strings not being translated properly in registration email


  • Fixed filter names for error messages


  • Første udgivelse