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This extension adds a button in your admin area to flush OPcache easily. It supports both memory and file caching transparently.
If this is a multisite installation, it only shows up in network admin dashboard.
There is a submenu page with all statistics about OPcache. There is an option to automatically flush OPcache when a WordPress or plugin update occurred.
The statistics tabs relies on https://github.com/wp-cloud/opcache-status
If you want to add a translation in your own language, you can use flush-opcache.pot located in languages folder and send me by email.


  • Her er knappen du skal bruge for, at flushe OPcache
  • Når du kun flusher OPcache, er her en notis
  • Gennerelle faneblads indstillinger
  • Statistik faneblade


Som sædvanligt…


Skal jeg have OPcache aktiveret på min server for at bruge dette plugin?

Jeg tror, at svaret er i plugin’ets navn 😉

Skal jeg vide mere før jeg installerer dette plugin?

Yes, If you’re working on a shared server, OPcache is shared across all PHP users so when you flush OPcache, you do it on every websites this server hosts.
Nothing related to this plugin, it’s just the way Zend OPcache works… This plugin only triggers opcache_reset() function.


15. september, 2020
Everyone really needs to make sure php opcache is enabled its often overlooked but the speed improvements it gives is significant. This plugin simply gives an easy way to flush the php opcache easily and its great at what it does!
13. februar, 2020
Works perfectly, I like the statistic's panel (even if not really necessary :p ) In the settings, it might be better to enable "purge on update" as default, what do you think about it ? Thanks for this plugin, Regards
14. november, 2019
Thank you for this amazing plugin which I am using in my site with alexa rank under 10k for years without any conflict with anything else ,this is THE ONLY Plugin I use in my site with several Millions active posts (Each post has 5(Minimum) to over 200 Links) - with posters/thumbnails/Release's Informations... ,I strongly recommend to the sites with Huge databases
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  • Tested with WordPress 5.4


  • Fix a bug where flush OPcache button is stuck in admin bar


  • Fully compliant with WordPress coding standards


  • Complete rewrite in OOP for better maintainability
  • Fix notice bug https://wordpress.org/support/topic/dismissing-the-opcache-was-successfully-flushed-message/
  • Fix bug on prewarm cache https://wordpress.org/support/topic/turning-on-prepcompile-php-option-causes-error/
  • Add continuous deployment with travis


  • Fix bug on prewarm cache https://wordpress.org/support/topic/recursivedirectoryiterator-does-not-skip-dotfiles/


  • Add dismiss button to notice when opcache is closed


  • Bugfix release


  • Add support for opcache.file_cache purging
  • Update German translation, courtesy of Kolja Spyra


  • Opdateret statistik fane med dette opcache-status projekt: https://github.com/wp-cloud/opcache-status
  • Tilføjer muligheden for at skjule knap i administratonsbjælke
  • Mindre fejlrettelser
  • Opdateret fransk oversættelse


  • Fejlrettelse i valgmuligheder
  • Compatible with multisite
  • Fjern Drevet af valgmulighed


  • Plugin navn ændret
  • Advarsel når opcache er hentet men ikke aktiveret
  • Tilføj en valgmulighed for opvarm OPcache


  • Mindre fejlrettelser så oversættelser virker gennem WordPress.org


  • Valgmuligheds side tilføjet
  • Statistik faneblade tilføjet på siden valgmulighed
  • Mulighed for automatisk at Flushe OPcache efter opgradering


  • Tysk oversættelse tilføjet, venligst oversat af Kolja Spyra


  • Fransk oversættelse tilføjet


  • Første version