Medforfattere, flere forfattere og gæsteforfattere i en forfatterboks med PublishPress Authors


PublishPress Authors allows you to create, manage and display authors for all your WordPress content. The plugin provides author boxes that can display one author, coauthors, multiple authors or even guest authors. The boxes have the author’s name, avatar, description and more. You can also place the author boxes in widgets, shortcodes and Gutenberg blocks.

Here are the some most important features of PublishPress Authors:

  • Author Box. As soon as you install PublishPress Authors, you’ll see an author box under every post. You can add all the profile details you need for each author.
  • Multiple Authors. By default, WordPress only allows one author per post. PublishPress Authors allows you to add an unlimited number of authors to each post. This is very useful if you have a busy site and need to manage and give credit to coauthors.
  • Guest Authors. You can create Guest Authors who don’t have an account on your site. This is important because not all writers need a username and password.
  • Author Pages. PublishPress Authors allows you to showcase the work of each individual author with customizable author pages where you decide which post information is displayed.

PublishPress Authors Pro

Opgrader til Authors Pro
Dette plugin er den gratis version af PublishPress Authors. Pro versionen kommer med alle de muligheder du behøver for at kunne oprette smukke og brugbare forfatterprofiler. Klik her for købe det bedste premium WordPress forfatterboks-plugin nu!

Author Boxes

PublishPress Authors gives you multiple ways to show author profiles. You can display authors under your content, in a widget, using shortcodes and more.

The Author Boxes feature in PublishPress Authors provides five default layouts. You can use these layouts, customize them or click “New Author Box” and create your own layouts.

Click here to see how to customize author boxes.

On the frontend of your site. PublishPress Authors gives you several different options to display the authors’ box:

  • Replacing the default author display.
  • At the bottom of your content.
  • In a widget or a Gutenberg block.
  • Using shortcodes.
  • Adding filters and actions in your template files.

Click here to read about displaying authors.

Multiple Authors

With PublishPress Authors, you can set multiple authors for each post. When you write a post, you’ll see a box in the right sidebar. Here you can choose from all the users on your site, and assign them as coauthors.

Guest Authors

Using PublishPress Authors, you can create Guest Authors who don’t need an account on your site. PublishPress will treat Guest Authors identically to Authors who are linked users.

You will be able to select and display Guest Authors in exactly the same way as for registered users. Each Guest Author can have a full profile, plus an avatar, and their own archive page for blog posts.

Click here to see how to create Guest Authors.

Author Pages

PublishPress Authors can replace the default WordPress author pages. The URLs of the pages will not change, but you can customize the pages using the settings on this screen.

Your author page will appear with an author box on the top of the screen and the author’s posts underneath. You can choose a “List” or a “Grid” option and you’re also free to create your own layouts.

Click here to see how to use Author Pages.

Custom Fields for Author Profiles (Pro version)

PublishPress Authors Pro enables you to create author fields and enhance your author profiles. You can add Text, WYSIWYG, Link and email address fields. Then you can place those author fields in author bio profiles using custom layouts. The Pro version of Authors supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, TikTok and more.

Click here to see how to use Custom Fields.

Join PublishPress and get the Pro plugins

The Pro versions of the PublishPress plugins are well worth your investment. The Pro versions have extra features and faster support. Click here to join PublishPress.

Join PublishPress and you’ll get access to these Pro plugins:

Together, these plugins are a suite of powerful publishing tools for WordPress. If you need to create a professional workflow in WordPress, with moderation, revisions, permissions and more… then you should try PublishPress.

Bug Reports

Bug reports for PublishPress Authors are welcomed in our repository on GitHub. Please note that GitHub is not a support forum, and that issues that aren’t properly qualified as bugs will be closed.

Follow the PublishPress team

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Thank You

This plugin is partly based on Co-Authors Plus, which includes the work of batmoo, danielbachhuber and automattic. This plugin also uses work from the Bylines plugin by danielbachhuber.


  • Tilføj flere forfattere: Med PublishPress Authors kan du vælge flere forfattere til hver enkelt indlæg/side.
  • Vis forfatterprofiler: PublishPress Authors giver dig flere måder at vist forfatterprofiler på. Du kan vise forfattere under indholdet i en widget, med shortcodes og meget mere.
  • Tilføj Gæsteforfattere: Med PublishPress Authors kan du oprette Gæsteforfattere, der ikke behøver have en konto på dit websted.
  • Tilpassede felter for forfatterprofiler: PublishPress Authors Pro lader dig oprette tilpassede felter for dine forfatterprofiler.
  • Tilpassede layouts for forfatterprofiler: PublishPress Authors Pro lader dig bygge egne layouts for forfattervisning.


There are two ways to install the PublishPress Authors plugin:

Through your WordPress site’s admin

  1. Go to your site’s admin page;
  2. Access the “Plugins” page;
  3. Click on the “Add New” button;
  4. Search for “PublishPress Authors”;
  5. Install PublishPress Authors plugin;
  6. Activate the PublishPress Authors plugin.

Manually uploading the plugin to your repository

  1. Download the PublishPress Authors plugin zip file;
  2. Upload the plugin to your site’s repository under the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory;
  3. Go to your site’s admin page;
  4. Access the “Plugins” page;
  5. Activate the PublishPress Authors plugin.


How do I display author boxes and author bios?

You have several different options for displaying authors using the PublishPress Authors plugin:

  1. Below the content. Go to Authors > Settings and click the “Display” tab. Check the box saying, “This will display the authors box at the end of the content”. In the “Layout” box, you can choose from several layouts.
  2. The Post Authors widget. When you install the add-on, PublishPress Authors automatically creates a widget that you can use to show the authors. Go to Appearance > Widgets, and you can position your PublishPress Authors widget in any sidebar or widget area.
  3. The Authors shortcode. With PublishPress Authors shortcodes, you can display the author box in any part of the content. The default shortcode is [author_box]
  4. Editing your theme. PublishPress Authors allows you to show author details in your plugin or theme. You can use the action “pp_multiple_authors_show_author_box” to display the author box programmatically.

How do I import WordPress users to PublishPress Authors?

PublishPress Authors does use a different system than the WordPress core, so there may be some work involved with moving author data.

When you first install PublishPress Authors, our plugin will try to import all your authors. However, there may be some more work needed if you have a large site or have been using a different plugin. After installing PublishPress Authors, go to the “Posts” screen to see if your authors have imported correctly.

If you have a very large site with 1,000s or authors or posts, we recommend you use the WP CLI command line system.

Click here to see how to import WordPress users.

How do I import from Co-Authors Plus and Byline plugins?

PublishPress Authors has a Co-Authors Plus import feature. Co-Authors Plus is a popular but older alternative to PublishPress Authors. This import will bring across all your author profiles. It will also keep track of which posts the authors are associated with. If you want to migrate your site from the CoAuthors Plus plugin, please try this on a test site before attempting it on a live site.

Click here to see how to import Co-Authors Plus authors.

You can import from the the Byline plugin to PublishPress Authors. Start with the old Byline plugin installed on your site. Go to “Authors”, then “Maintenance”. Look for the import option.

Click here to see how to import Byline authors.

How do I show an author widget?

The PublishPress Authors plugin provides two widgets.

The “Post Author” widget will display a list of authors for the current post. It is one of several ways that you can show the authors of a post. In your WordPress site, go to Appearance > Widgets. Look for the “Post Author” widget.

Click here to see how to use the Post Author widget.

The “Authors List” widget will display a list of all the authors on your site. If you want to show the authors of the post being viewed, try the Post Author widget. In your WordPress site, go to Appearance > Widgets. Look for the “Authors List” widget.

Click here to see how to use the Authors List widget.

Can I use PublishPress Authors with Elementor?

PublishPress Authors fungerer fint sammen med Elementor sidebygger. Der er fem indstillinger for visning af forfatterprofiler på dit websted. Alle disse fungerer med Elementor. Vi har sikret os, at PublishPress Authors fungerer godt i Elementors sidebygger. Den måske nemmeste mulighed for brug med Divi layoutbygger er at bruge Indlægsforfatter-widget.

Click here to see how to create Elementor Authors.

Can I use PublishPress Authors with Divi?

PublishPress Authors fungerer fint sammen med Divi temaer. Der er fem indstillinger for visning af forfatterprofiler på dit websted. Alle disse fungere med Divi. Vi har sikret os, at PublishPress Authors fungere godt i Divi layoutbygger. Den måske nemmeste mulighed for brug med Divi layoutbygger er at bruge Indlægsforfatter-widget. Gå til Udseende > Widgets. Opret et nyt widget område med Divi box. Jeg kalder mit widgetområde for “Forfatterområdet”.

Click here to see how to create Divi Authors.

How do I integrate PublishPress Authors with my theme?

The PublishPress Authors plugin allows you to show author profiles using this a snippet of PHP code. This code can be modified in many way to suit your needs. Don’t worry if you’re not technical. There are also other ways to show your authors that require no code. We recommend that you add these code snippets to a child theme, as that is best practice for WordPress theme development. We do have child themes available for some popular themes.

Klik her, for at se hvordan du tilpasser forfatternes output.

Does PublishPress Authors work with my theme?

Forfatterprofiler kan være svære at tilpasse i WordPress, fordi mange temaer tilføjer deres egne forfatterdata. Vi forsøger at hjælpe vores brugere af PublishPress Authors og sikre, at plugin’et virker med deres tema. Foreløbigt har vi undertemaer klar for hjælpe med kompatibilitet med de almindeligste temaer, herunder:

  • TwentyTwenty
  • TwentyNineteen
  • Newspaper
  • Magplus
  • Gridlove
  • Hestia
  • Kleo
  • Salient
  • Colormag
  • Extra
  • JNews
  • MyListing
  • Uncode
  • GeneratePress
  • Trellis
  • Rehub
  • Astra


14. februar, 2024 1 reply
UPDATE: I'm going to give this plugin 5 stars as I realise that I need to map users for them to show up. I am wondering if this process can be automated. So WordPress Authors will all show up as possible Co-Authors without having to map them. Original postThis looked like the perfect plugin for the promised functionality. But it has one problem which makes it unusable for some. The site I am working on is a business directory. It gives a post to each business, but businesses have multiple people working for them. The problem is adding a person as an author to a post who currently doesn't have any posts. They do not show up as an option when choosing multiple authors while in edit mode. Obviously, the plugin will only work for sites that have authors that already have posts.
6. februar, 2024 1 reply
I worked with Riza to solve an error on my website. Turns out it was a snippet of code on my end that I forgot to add, not the plugin's fault. Riza was able to diagnose the issue within a couple of emails, and showed great knowledge about PublishPress and how it integrates with Elementor.
29. januar, 2024 1 reply
The latest addition of categorizing the Authors into different category like Authors, Reviewers, Co-Authors, etc. makes it a perfect plugin for managing Authors. Their support is even more awesome. Thanks for all the help again.
16. januar, 2024 1 reply
Great, easy way to enable multiple authors on a post. Overcomes a limitation of Wordpress.
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[4.3.2] – 22 Feb 2024

  • Update: Add author_categories parameter to authors data shortcode [publishpress_authors_data author_categories=”reviewer”], #1658
  • Update: Add author_categories parameter to authors box shortcode [publishpress_authors_box author_categories=”reviewer,coauthor”], #1658
  • Fixed: Schema Filter is not showing when Authors activated, #1655
  • Fixed: PHP Warnings: Illegal string offset ‘@type’ in SchemaFacade.php, #1635
  • Update: Add settings to select legacy layout(‘simple_list’, ‘centered’, ‘boxed’, ‘inline’, ‘inline_avatar’) author boxes, #1640
  • Update: Disable the Co-Authors category by default for new installs, #1659
  • Fixed: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class “MA_Author_Categories” not found, #1647
  • Update: Show Post Default Author box in Author box lists, #1639
  • Update: Authors FREE Translations Updates 25 January 2024, #1636

[4.3.1] – 24 Jan 2024

  • Update: Allow users to choose the target=”_blank” attribute for author field links, #1600
  • Update: Add rel options on Author Field Link, #1488
  • Update: Update Field Slug description, #1476
  • Fixed: Missing Field Schema Rank Math, #1618
  • Fixed: Unspecified Type on RankMath Schema Integration, #1583
  • Fixed: Optimized author queries to fix Authors slowing down some websites
  • Fixed: PHP Warning: Attempt to read property “post_type” on int, #1624
  • Fixed: PHP 8.2 Deprecated notices, #1533
  • Update: Authors Translation Updates January 2024, #1617

[4.3.0] – 10 Jan 2024

  • Feature: Add the ability to group / categorize Authors (Author Categories), #58
  • Update: Add user_id and term_id parameter to [publishpress_authors_box] shortcode, #1602
  • Update: Add the Edit links for all Author Fields, #1475
  • Fixed: Author Boxes screen isn’t fully responsive, #1594
  • Fixed: Author Fields are in the wrong order, #1587
  • Update: Move author field sidebar promo panel to the bottom, #1506
  • Update: Add support for multiple authors posts when using get_posts() function via ‘ppma_filter’ => true parameter, #1591
  • Fixed: Authors Profile not being created when “Enable Guest Author” is disabled, #1584
  • Update: Rename maintenance button tools, #1526
  • Update: WordPress Reviews library to 1.1.20, #1490
  • Update: Upgrade Reviews and Version Notices libraries, #1491
  • Fixed: PostX – Post Grid Gutenberg Blocks and WordPress Blog Plugin Compatibility, #1485
  • Fixed: Elementor Archive widget showing wrong author, #1481
  • Fixed: Uncaught TypeError: array_intersect(): Argument #2 must be of type array, null given, #1479
  • Update: Add filter to disable settings flush_rewrite_rules when authors page is enabled/disabled, #1425
  • Update: ES-FR-IT translation updates September 2023, #1478

[4.2.1] – 04 Sep 2023

  • Feature: Allow users to re-order Author Boxes fields, #1441
  • Feature: Allow user to control the order of fields in the “Author Profile” via “Author Fields” Drag and Drop, #1463
  • Update: Hook into the action to flush cache when authors are saved, #1270
  • Update: Update instance of ‘Author: %s’ to use wordpress translation, #1235
  • Fixed: Fix ppma_edit_own_profile capability missing for required role, #1443
  • Update: Add rel=”nofollow” to links in Author Boxes, #1249
  • Feature: Extend Search Box to all layouts, #1262
  • Fixed: Additional Rank math Integration conflict, #1434
  • Update: Remove custom names for each Author Fields label, #1289
  • Fixed: Author box Avatar Border Radius not reflecting when set to “0”, #1432
  • Update: Improve message for mapping authors, #1131
  • Fixed: WYSIWYG Fields line breaks not working, #1444
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Admin Menu Editor, #1247
  • Fixed: [publishpress_authors_list] shortcode issue, #1448
  • Fixed: Authors data shortcode separator does not having space, #1445

[4.2.0] – 16 Aug 2023

  • Changed: Replaced Pimple library with a prefixed version of the library to avoid conflicts with other plugins;
  • Changed: Replaced Psr/Container library with a prefixed version of the library to avoid conflicts with other plugins;
  • Changed: Change min PHP version to 7.2.5. If not compatible, the plugin will not execute;
  • Changed: Change min WP version to 5.5. If not compatible, the plugin will not execute;
  • Changed: Updated internal libraries to latest versions;
  • Changed: Refactor some occurrences of “plugins_loaded” replacing it by a new action: “plublishpress_authors_loaded” which runs after the requirements and libraries are loaded, but before the plugin is initialized;

[4.1.7] – 10 Jul 2023

  • Feature: New “Display Name” setting, #1407
  • Fixed: Improve “display name as publicly” field, #1409
  • Fixed: Warning: Attempt to read property “display_name” when editing guest author, #1410

[4.1.6] – 4 Jul 2023

  • Feature: Added author boxes author separator field, #1379
  • Feature: Added Prefix and suffix fields for author box row #1382
  • Fixed: Conflict with the Advanced Ads plugins, #1398
  • Update: Extended Pagination to other layouts shortcode [publishpress_authors_list layout=”boxed” limit_per_page=”20″], #1381
  • Update: Update Display Name field to match WordPress style, #1373
  • Update: Spelling typo of roleName in Installer, #1400
  • Fixed: Rankmath “The property @type is not recognized by the schema”, #1399
  • Update: Move “Author Bio” to the bottom of the “Edit My Author Profile” screen, #1372
  • Update: Update shortcodes tab for new author boxes, #1336
  • Fixed: 8.2 deprecations warning, #1330
  • Update: Remove “Create default Author Boxes” maintenance button, #1371
  • Fixed: Conflict with Pattern Manager plugin, #1378
  • Update: Small text update: Update data from mapped user, #1374
  • Update: Small text update for Maintenance, #1370
  • Update: Drop the ad for Blocks, #1317
  • Fixed: Issues with Divi WordPress Theme, #1383

[4.1.5] – 1 Jun 2023

  • Fixed: Author boxes styles not working after migration from legacy layout, #1341
  • Fixed: Last column has different size on Author List, #1345
  • Fixed: Missed semicolon on generated author box theme template, #1352
  • Fixed: authors_index and authors_recent layout not working, #1357
  • Update: Include Display Name in “Update data from mapped user” feature, #1344
  • Fixed: PublishPress Authors query issue conflict with Planner Content Overview Filter, #1350
  • Fixed: Authors FREE ES-IT Translation Updates May 12, 2023, #1343
  • Fixed: French translation update for Authors FREE May 2023, #1347

[4.1.4] – 10 May 2023

  • Update: Add support legacy layout slug in author boxes, #1334

[4.1.3] – 9 May 2023

  • Update: Remove support for legacy layouts and twig dependency, #1204
  • Feature: Allow users to choose a default avatar, #1301
  • Fixed: get_page_by_title Depreciated in WordPress 6.2, #1324
  • Feature: Allow users to disable the Guest Authors feature, #1310
  • Feature: Filter to override limit number of author in search, #1294
  • Fixed: Jannah theme multiple author support, #1306
  • Fixed: Problem with multiple author boxes instance, #1304
  • Fixed: Issue with italian translation, #1253
  • Fixed: Avatar data shortcode shows array, #1302
  • Fixed: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_avatar_url() yoast seo, #1297
  • Fixed: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_avatar_url() in rankmath, #1273
  • Fixed: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught TypeError: abs(), #1291
  • Fixed: Schema not getting right Author for Publisher schema, #1271
  • Fixed: Authors not in alphabetical order for authors_index layout, #1267
  • Fixed: Problem with select required field when updating authors, #1257

[4.1.2] – 31 Jan 2023

  • Update: Add “SameAs” schema option to links, #1189
  • Fixed: Compability Issue with beaver builder, #1227
  • Update: Remove domain translation from “Recent Posts” and “Author” in favour of WordPress translation, #1194
  • Fixed: Issue with author box styles when multiple author box is on the same page, #1208
  • Update: Add fallback field for [publishpress_authors_data] shortcode, #1150
  • Update: Make Author Box edit page responsive, #1172
  • Fixed: PHP Warning – Undefined array key “url”, #1190
  • Fixed: Can’t use HTML in Author Boxes Bio, #1175
  • Update: Remove Edit bulk action Author Box screen, #1173
  • Update: Replace “Biographical Info” with “Author Bio”, #1176
  • Update: ES-FR-IT Translations Updates January 2023, #1177

[4.1.1] – 16 Jan 2023

  • Update: Update Author Pages Schema to Person Schema type, #1163
  • Fixed: Incorrect display name is being used for schema, #1160
  • Update: Extra text for “Display Name” field, #1161
  • Update: ES-FR-IT Translations Updates January 2023, #1177

[4.1.0] – 04 Jan 2023

  • Update: Integrate PublishPress Authors with Yoast, #1102
  • Update: Add support for structured data for authors for RankMath SEO Plugin, #391
  • Fixed: Post Author widget not updating, #1122
  • Update: Accessibility improvements for links, #1138
  • Update: Add “archive” parameter to [publishpress_authors_data] shortcode, #1136
  • Update: Rename public methods for better clarity and avoiding name conflicts, #520
  • Fixed: Issue with author boxes profile field background color, #1128
  • Update: Add author pages excerpt ellipsis in settings, #1124
  • Update: Add new before and after prefix or suffix for author boxes profile fields, #1119
  • Update: Move function generatepress_author_output to a new module, #587
  • Fixed: Code looking for wrong function before getting multiple authors in the author box, #571
  • Update: Italian Translation Update December 2022, #1145

[4.0.1] – 06 Dec 2022

  • Fixed: Icon does not hide when there is no value, #1103
  • Fixed: Author pages pulling excerpts from content, #1112
  • Update: Allow to set author’s …