Shared Files – Advanced File Sharing & Download Manager with Frontend Uploads & Lead Generation


Your personal WordPress-based Dropbox! Upload, manage, and share files effortlessly. Comes with a download counter, enhanced media library, FTP uploads and lead management.

Det bedste fildelings-plugin på markedet

In search of a file and document management plugin? Don’t go too far, you’re in the right place!

The Shared Files plugin is a file download manager that can help you easily and quickly manage and list downloaded files on your WordPress website. All you need to do is to add the files using file manager. You can also optionally collect new leads by asking for contact info before showing the files.

Get the Shared Files plugin and stay neatly organized and managed with your documents and files.

Shared Files provides an interface for uploading and managing a large group of documents and files easily with numerous layout options and shortcodes for inserting downloadable files anywhere on the website.

  • Controlled and isolated files from the media library, making it simple to list shared files on the WordPress website
  • Front-end uploader or file management functionality to upload files
  • View supported files in the browser, including photos, movies, and other types of files (including lightbox view)
  • Search functionality to easily and quickly find uploaded documents

Features in the FREE version of Shared Files

  • Top 50 most popular files
  • Collect leads by asking for contact info before showing the file(s)
  • Download log of all file downloads
  • Download counter for all files
  • Front end search from all files
  • Tilføj tags til filer
  • Allow visitors to upload files without logging in
  • Allow only logged in users to upload files
  • Enable support for any file type

These are just some of the highlights offered by the Shared Files plugin.

Getting started

Installing and getting started with organizing your files is super simple when you are using Shared Files plugin. Let’s see how!

Start managing your files in a team right inside WordPress admin with 2 steps:

  1. Add some documents/files from WP admin > Shared Files > File Management.
  2. Insert one of these shortcodes to any page or post on your site.
    • [shared_files] (default file list)
    • [shared_files_simple] (simple file list)
    • [shared_files file_upload=1] (file list with front end uploader)

That’s it! You can start enjoying the Shared Files file managing plugin.

Shared Files plugin features

Shared Files WordPress website file manager allows adding files through File Management section, doing the following actions:

  • Adding file name
  • Choosing the file
  • Setting the date for the file
  • Setting the expiration date for the file
  • Adding file description
  • And many more

The plugin is extremely simple to use while also being scalable for a big number of files all thanks to a bulk of features offered by Shared Files plugin.

Files of any type

Shared Files file sharing WordPress solution allows sharing numerous types of files with ease, including

  • PDF
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • XLS
  • Images
  • YouTube videos
  • Any file type can be activated from the plugin settings
  • File folders – this is particularly important for big teams for effective collaboration

File search

What is the purpose of a file-sharing plugin if not allowing you to easily and quickly find the exact file you’re looking for. This is what Shared Files plugin offers to it’s users.

Powerful and fast file search functionality based on various defined categories, such as file name, description, and more makes it super easy for Shared Files plugin users to track and find the exact file/document they’re looking for.

Previewing files

This file managing plugin allows a team to upload files onto the WordPress admin, collaborate with each other, and most importantly administrator and users can preview the files on the browser before going live to ensure the accuracy of the uploaded file.

Document / file tags

The best way to stay organized and seated with a bulk of files is to assign them tags. With a couple of tags, you can instantly categorize and label files for hassle-free searches down the road, and then find all of those files again easily.

Shared Files allows adding tags to files, either using the same tags as posts or a custom taxonomy.

Media / file managing

If your site is continuously growing there is definitely a need to handle the dozens of files and media you have out there. Luckily if you are using the Shared Files plugin, you don’t need any other add-ons.

File managing solution Shared Files not only helps to upload and organize files, but it also performs the task of the media library and file manager allowing to store and categorize files and images without the need for other third-party solutions.

Lightbox preview

Shared Files plugin offers the feature of opening YouTube videos or image files in a lightbox preview. Lightbox previews offer a number of benefits including the ability to customize, add content and update it when necessary, flexibility in location placement, and most importantly high visibility.

Front-end upload af filer

An exciting feature of the Shared Files WordPress file-sharing plugin is the ability of users or visitors to upload files. So any of the users having access can upload files right from the front end having their own contribution to a vast depository of website files.

It is critical to allow both visitors and users to upload files/documents, particularly allowing to do it from the front-end as it requires the least effort.

Share Files

For a team collaboration or a group of developers working on the same website, it’s crucial to be able to constantly share files and be able to preview the files others have shared.

The Shared Files plugin has thought of it. The plugin allows the quick and easy share of uploaded files with various users with access.

FTP upload

Using an FTP server is a common solution for businesses that want to keep their data safe. File manager enables the administrators and users to upload files using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). They can do it using a single-file or multi-file uploader.


What is more important than having a statistics of your uploads! Shared Files plugin allows you to have constant eye on the uploaded files and documents by providing you with accurate file upload statistics and analysis.

Shared Files free offerings

  • Fast search of all files targeting all the defined file/document categories, e.g. name and description
  • Front-end file upload with tag support for logged-in users
  • Wait for the Countdown page with a counter and automatic download when the counter reaches zero
  • Any file type upload (audio, video, image, PDF, Word, file folder, etc)
  • SVG icons of high quality for 25 various file types, plus individual custom icons for various file types
  • Browser preview of the uploaded files/documents
  • Lightbox view for images and videos (, YouTube, mp4, webm, ogg, mov)
  • Functions as a file explorer, download manager, and file manager
  • Kompatibel med WordPress Multisite
  • A lead generation tool for WordPress

Shared Files Pro offerings

  • Search filters based on categories, tags, and custom field data
  • Users and roles with different file-opening permissions
  • Downloads wait countdown page
  • More features for the front-end file uploader
  • Visitors/users can upload and add files to new categories
  • FTP files can be uploaded and activated with a single click
  • Upload multiple files
  • Allow any user role to edit files from the front end
  • Favorite files for both logged-in and non-logged-in users
  • Activate Media Library files
  • Sort files into groups
  • Alternatively, specify an external URL for the file and track its loads
  • When a file is downloaded or uploaded, you will receive an email notification
  • Set a file’s expiration date
  • Limit the number of downloads for each file
  • Display files in the site search results


Additional resources

You can check more info about us on our website:

For any support queries or feature requests regarding the free version, please contact us at the support forum.

Follow the Shared Files blog to stay informed about the plugin and its advancements.

Do you want to effectively work with a lot of files by managing them quickly and easily? The solution is one – Shared Files!


  • Liste over filer på dit websted
  • Front-end upload af filer
  • Filer i 2 kolonner (flere andre layoutmuligheder)
  • Filhåndtering i admin-området
  • Rediger enkelte filer
  • Søg fra alle filer (Pro)
  • Vis kun 1 bestemt fil på en side ved at bruge en shortcode i postindholdet
  • Åbning af filer, som er beskyttet med kodeord.
  • Åbning af filer, som har nået det maksimale antal downloads
  • Liste af filer efter kategori (Pro)


  1. Aktiver plugin’et i WordPress-plugin-biblioteket (Plugins), eller upload det manuelt til dit websted
  2. Se hjælp/support siden for yderligere instrukser


Hvad sker der med WordPress Mediebiblioteket?

Ikke noget. Plugin’et Shared Files fungerer helt uden om WP-mediebiblioteket, og de har ingen forbindelse til hinanden.

Kan jeg bruge plugin’et til at dele filer?

Ja! Pluginet’s hovedformål er at dele filer på dit websted. Du kan sætte en liste over filer ind i dit websteds indlæg og sider ved at tilføje den dertil passende kortkode (shortcode).

Skal jeg betale for at bruge plugin’et?

Pro-versionen af Shared Files har mange funktioner, der kunne interessere dig, men du kan bruge gratisversionen uden begrænsninger, så længe du vil.

Tilbyder I support?

Selvfølgelig! Vi tilbyder support in fora her på og hvis du har et betalt abonnement, yder vi prioriteret e-mail-support.

Virker Shared Files Free eller Shared Files Pro med andre plugins?

Du kan kontakte os direkte her,
hvis der opstår kompatibilitetsproblemer med et andet plugin. Vi vil gøre vores bedste for at løse problemet.

Er det en download manager, et plugin til fildeling, et mediebibliotek eller hvad?

Du kan bruge Shared Files plugin’et til, hvad du har behov for. Det grundlæggende formål er visning af en brugervenlig liste over filer, der kan downloades. 🙂

Kan gæster eller brugere, som er logget på, uploade filer?

Alle besøgende eller brugere, der er logget på, kan uploade filer i Pro-versionen.

Kan jeg bruge FTP til upload af filer?

Du kan bruge FTP i Pro-versionen. Der er en funktion, der giver dig mulighed for at uploade filer med FTP og derefter aktivere dem for plugin’et med et enkelt klik.

Kan jeg bruge plugin’et til filhåndtering?

Ja, du kan bruge den som en fil-manager. Du behøver ikke nødvendigvis at tilføje nogen offentligt tilgængelig liste over filerne på dit websted, du kan vælge blot at bruge admin værktøjerne til at administrere dine filer.


28. december, 2023 1 reply
Its a great plugin to working with!I use it on a photography and Affinity site.
18. oktober, 2023 1 reply
Easy to setup, great feature. If more custom layout, and simple list view will be great.
16. marts, 2023 3 replies
Seriously? Zero support for shortcodes in the free version? Sad. Very very sad. I've tested many dozens of plugins to specifically handle file/download management, some I've purchased the premium versions of after testing the free versions, many I've recommended to others, while many are strikingly similar some offer unique features or layouts that fit a specific need, so I have a number of them actively in use across hundreds of websites. THIS is the first one I've tested that doesn't offer the ability to use a shortcode - the most basic of tasks - into a page/post in the free version. If a plugin handles the basics very well, then upgrading to a premium version is something I am willing to do to get premium features. Using a shortcode is not a "premium" feature. I deleted this waste-of-space-here-in-the-repository plugin and will never, ever recommend this one to anyone.
13. marts, 2023 1 reply
This plugin is just perfect for creating a file directory in wordpress. I love all of the functions and how easy it to place a shortcode to each library where you want it. I bought the pro lifetime package and it was worth it.
5. februar, 2023 1 reply
I really like this plugin for file sharing. It has great options and works well. The front end uploader lets users send me files, and I can edit/review them on the back end before presenting them.
29. januar, 2023 4 replies
No drag and drop is an issue for upload. But the real problem is the lack of file security. The files are just open to the world, there is no file or directory level permissions to block public access!
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Bidragsydere & udviklere

“Shared Files – Advanced File Sharing & Download Manager with Frontend Uploads & Lead Generation” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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1.7.16 – 2024-02-20

  • (Free + All plans) New field for files: Filename. You can now edit the filename in the url after the file has been added.
  • (Free + All plans) Fix: the filename in the url no longer gets “-1”, “-2” etc. appended if a file with the same name exists in the same directory
  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

1.7.15 – 2024-02-08

  • (All plans) Featured image is now automatically added for synced image files
  • (All plans) Fixed an issue where [shared_files_search] would not hide the files at first
  • (Free + All plans) Fixed some layout issues on certain type of themes

1.7.14 – 2024-01-18

  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes + tweaks

1.7.13 – 2024-01-14

  • (All plans) New feature: search filters added for simple list (can be activated from settings, Simple list tab)
  • (All plans) New setting (Layout tab): File type icon width, default file card (px)
  • (All plans) New setting (Layout tab): File type icon height, vertical view (px)
  • (All plans) New setting (first tab): Search input field targets filtered files rather than all files
  • (Free + All plans) Layout tweaks & fixes

1.7.12 – 2023-12-26

  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes + tweaks

1.7.11 – 2023-12-13

  • (Professional + Business) Fix: the search form now targets all files in [shared_files_restricted] instead of the files on the current page (when using pagination)
  • (Professional + Business) Fix: users with multiple roles can now successfully open the files with restricted roles, targeted for also their additional roles
  • (Free + All plans) CSS tweaks

1.7.10 – 2023-11-30

  • (Professional + Business) Fixed an issue where [shared_files_exact_search] would not work with certain database engines / versions when the setting “Search whole words only” is active
  • (Free + All plans) Minor CSS tweaks

1.7.9 – 2023-11-28

  • (Professional + Business) Added permalink edit for single files when the setting “Enable single file page” is active
  • (Professional + Business) Added the parameter categories__or for the shortcode [shared_files_restricted]
  • (All plans) Fix: the external url is now correctly saved when using the multi file front end uploader
  • (Free + All plans) Fix: the search results are now presented in the same amount of columns as the default file list
  • (Free + All plans) Fix: when the search input value is removed, the default file list is now shown with the pagination, instead of all available files as search results

1.7.8 – 2023-11-02

  • (Free + All plans) New fields for contacts / lead generation: name, phone and description (see plugin settings, Lead generation tab)
  • (Free + All plans) CSV export for creating a csv file from all contacts / leads (WP admin / Shared Files / Leads)
  • (Free + All plans) New PHP action shared_files_add_lead, fires when a new lead / contact is added

1.7.7 – 2023-10-21

  • (Free + All plans) New feature: ask for an email address before showing the file(s) – add the parameter ask_for_email=1 to a shortcode to ask for an email address before showing the file(s) to the user, these emails can be found from WP admin / Shared Files / Contacts. See also WP admin / Shared Files / Shortcodes for details regarding the shortcodes.
  • (Free + All plans) Number of top downloads increased from 20 to 50

1.7.6 – 2023-09-09

  • (Professional + Business) It is now possible to set accordion layout using a shortcode parameter: [shared_files_accordion layout=2-columns] (+ 3-columns and 4-columns)
  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

1.7.5 – 2023-08-16

  • (Professional + Business) New feature for accordion: Show only subcategories under this category and as separate clickable elements, [shared_files_accordion base_category=”category-slug”]
  • (Professional + Business) New feature for accordion: Show first category open by default, [shared_files_accordion first_category_open=1]

1.7.4 – 2023-08-07

  • (Free + All plans) Added the CSS class shared-files-card-12345 to all file cards (the list item, “li”) in all shortcodes, where 12345 is the file id
  • (Free + All plans) New setting for simple list: Show download counter
  • (Free + All plans) New setting for simple list: Title for download counter

1.7.3 – 2023-07-25

  • Compatibility for WP 6.3

1.7.2 – 2023-07-21

  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.7.1 – 2023-07-05

  • (All plans) New parameters to be used with the shortcode [shared_files_simple] (see WP admin / Shared Files / Shortcodes):
    • Exclude categories (by slug)
    • Show files that belong to all of these categories (you can also hide the search form using the parameter hide_search=1)
    • Show files that belong to all of these tags (can also be used with only one tag)
    • Show files that belong to any of these categories
    • Show files that belong to any of these tags

1.7.0 – 2023-06-30

  • (Free + All plans) Various tweaks & fixes

1.6.99 – 2023-06-10

  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

1.6.98 – 2023-05-06

  • (All plans) New setting for file upload: make category selection required (see plugin settings / File upload tab)
  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

1.6.97 – 2023-03-19

  • (Professional + Business) Fix: if a logged in user has more than 1 role, additional roles are now also counted in permisson restricted file lists
  • (All plans) New parameter to exclude files uploaded by front end uploader: [shared_files_categories exclude_files_uploaded_by_front_end_uploader=1]
  • (Free + All plans) New setting: Prevent search engines from indexing files uploaded using front end uploader

1.6.96 – 2023-01-08

  • (Business) Wait Countdown Page: Fixed an issue which prevented the file from starting to download
  • (Professional + Business) New column “Restriction” added to file and category management that contains information of set permissions
  • (Professional + Business) Accordion: Subcategories are now shown under the main category instead of the same level. It is also possible to hide the subcategories and their files: [shared_files_accordion hide_subcategories=1]
  • (Free + All plans) New settings for download log: Log downloader user data, Log downloader IP, Log downloader user agent and Log referer url
  • (Free + All plans) New action: shared_files_frontend_file_uploaded (fires when a file has been uploaded using the front end uploader), more information at

1.6.95 – 2022-12-30

  • (Free + All plans) Some PHP actions added to enable better customization of the plugin. For more information see

1.6.94 – 2022-12-26

  • (Free + All plans) New feature / settings: allow more file types. WordPress allows specific file types by default, but you can now allow additional file types from the plugin settings, Allow more file types tab.

1.6.93 – 2022-12-18

  • Various tweaks and fixes

1.6.92 – 2022-12-14

  • Fejlrettelser

1.6.91 – 2022-12-14

  • New tab in settings: Custom post type
  • (Professional + Business) Separate pages for single files, e.g. /shared_file/sample-file/ (see settings, Custom post type tab)
  • (Professional + Business) Show files in site search results (also in settings, Custom post type tab)
  • (Free + All plans) You can now activate custom tag taxonomy for files instead of the default post tags (settings, Custom post type tab)
  • (Free + All plans) New section at WP admin / Shared Files / Statistics. Top 20 most downloaded files for now, more coming later (you may request some specific statistics at the support forum for free version, for paid version at
  • (Free + All plans) New feature: download log. All downloads are now logged, see WP admin / Shared Files / Download log. Download log can be disabled at plugin settings, first tab.

1.6.90 – 2022-12-12

  • (Free + All plans) Issue with the debug log filling on multisite installations fixed

1.6.89 – 2022-12-11

  • (Professional + Business) New parameter for shortcode [shared_files_restricted], show files from specific category: [shared_files_restricted category=category-name]
  • (Professional + Business) New parameter, exclude categories (by slug): [shared_files_restricted exclude_cat=”category-1,category-2″]
  • (All plans) Fix: the file field “Notification email” is now saved properly
  • (Free + All plans) Tweaks and fixes

1.6.88 – 2022-11-15

  • Freemius WordPress SDK update (2.5.2)

1.6.87 – 2022-11-06

  • WordPress 6.1 compatibility update

1.6.86 – 2022-10-25

  • (Free + All plans) Fixed a compatibility issue with Windows based WordPress installations

1.6.85 – 2022-10-16

  • (All plans) Show files that belong to any of these categories: [shared_files categories__or=”category-1,category-2″]
  • (Free + All plans) Bug fixes

1.6.84 – 2022-09-05

  • (Professional + Business) It is now possible to activate restricted permissions for shortcode [shared_files_categories], using a parameter like so: [shared_files_categories restricted=1]
  • (Free + All plans) Various tweaks and fixes

1.6.83 – 2022-06-19

  • Fejlrettelser

1.6.82 – 2022-06-19

  • (Professional + Business) It is now possible to restrict single file permissions to any number of users
  • (Free + All plans) New setting: Bypass the file exists check on frontend file list (Technical tab)

1.6.81 – 2022-06-05

  • (All plans) New setting: Prevent search engines from indexing file urls
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.80 – 2022-05-15

  • (Free + All plans) New settings for simple list (new tab at the plugin settings)
  • (All plans) Fix: hide_files_first works now correctly
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.79 – 2022-04-24

  • (Business) New feature / setting: Obfuscate file urls (Technical tab). Generates long random urls for files, like /shared-files/5348-9f13c19ce03475aa0565010094d83678/this-is-a-file.pdf
  • (Professional + Business) New setting: Remove obsolete file metadata automatically (Technical tab)
  • (Free + All plans) Translatable strings updated

1.6.78 – 2022-03-26

  • (Free + All plans) Some CSS tweaks for better compatibility with popular themes
  • (All plans) New setting to change the folder icon on [shared_files_categories]: Folder icon (Icons tab)

1.6.77 – 2022-03-18

  • (All plans) You can now add multiple email addresses to receive the file upload notification

1.6.76 – 2022-03-15

  • (Free + All plans) Fix: The video player now opens the video file directly from the redirected url when using the File opening method as Redirect (defined at the plugin settings, Technical tab)

1.6.75 – 2022-03-12

  • (Free + All plans) New feature: File upload progress bar added to front end file upload
  • (Free + All plans) New setting: Disable progress bar / ajax upload (plugin settings, File upload tab)

1.6.74 – 2022-03-08

  • (Free + All plans) PHP error fix (happened during plugin activation if the plugin Contact List is also installed)

1.6.73 – 2022-03-02

  • (Free + All plans) Improved compatibility with site migration tools
  • (Professional + Business) New shortcode: [shared_files_exact_search] (search all files (their titles), files are displayed after enter is pressed)
  • (Professional + Business) New setting: Min. characters for search in [shared_files_exact_search]
  • (Professional + Business) New setting: Search whole words only in [shared_files_exact_search] (default targets also partial text)

1.6.72 – 2022-03-01

  • (Free + All plans) Fixed an issue where file size was occasionally set to 0 after upload
  • (Free + All plans) Various tweaks and fixes

1.6.71 – 2022-02-13

  • (All plans) Edit file -link added to the file upload notification email
  • (Professional + Business) It is now possible to filter files by user permissions in the WP admin file list
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.70 – 2022-01-31

  • (Professional + Business) Fixed an issue where the logged in user was not given permissions to read the file with restricted permissions

1.6.69 – 2022-01-30

  • (All plans) It is now possible to upload multiple files at once using the front end uploader
  • (Free + All plans) Translatable texts updated

1.6.68 – 2022-01-23

  • (Professional + Business) Front-end file editor option added to accordion: [shared_files_accordion edit=1]
  • (Professional + Business) New parameter [shared_files_restricted hide_file_list=1]
  • (Professional + Business) New setting to change the file sync interval to 5 or 1 minute(s) (Technical tab)
  • (All plans) Front-end file editor option added to simple list: [shared_files_simple edit=1]
  • (All plans) Fix: The setting “Hide file type icon from card” now works correctly when the setting “Align elements vertically and centered (inside file card)” is also checked
  • (Free + All plans) “Submit” is now translatable in the file uploader

1.6.67 – 2022-01-09

  • (Business) Fixed preview feature when using the wait page
  • (Professional + Business) User dropdown ordered (file edit view)
  • (Free + All plans) New setting: Hide description field (plugin settings, File upload tab)

1.6.66 – 2022-01-09

  • (Business) New feature: Wait countdown page for downloads. You can now define a page in the settings which all download links will be redirected to. There is a certain waiting time and counter in seconds and after that the download will normally occur. There are settings regarding this feature at the plugin settings, Wait page -tab.
  • (Business) New shortcode parameter for activating the wait countdown page for a specific file list: [shared_files use_wait_page=1]
  • (Professional + Business) Added support for files with restricted permissions to the shortcode [shared_files_accordion]. Can be activated like so: [shared_files_accordion restricted=1]
  • (Free + All plans) Some missing translatable texts added to the .pot file

1.6.65 – 2022-01-02

  • (Professional + Business) New feature: Restrict file opening permissions to a specific user or roles (see the new fields by editing any file)
  • (Professional + Business) New shortcode: [shared_files_restricted] (list only such files that are readable by the logged in user)
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.64 – 2021-12-11

  • (Professional + Business) New setting: Remove link from file title (Layout tab)
  • (Professional + Business) New setting: Trigger file downloaded email on (values: “File title link, preview and download buttons” and “Download button only”) (Email tab)
  • (All plans) New setting: Show message for download limit reached on file card (General settings tab)
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.63 – 2021-11-07

  • (Professional + Business) Accordion: The grouping by month and using the “file date” as date now works normally (the shortcode [shared_files_accordion group_files_by_month=1 order_by=”_sf_main_date”])
  • (All plans) New setting: Sort tags by (for search filter)
  • (All plans) New setting: Sort categories by (for search filter)
  • (All plans) New minimal layout for listing a single file: [shared_files file_id=12345 layout=”minimal”]

1.6.62 – 2021-10-17

  • (All plans) New parameter for shortcode [shared_files], exclude tags (by slug) from the file uploader: [shared_files file_upload_exclude_tag=”tag-1,tag-2″]
  • (Free + All plans) html markup fixes

1.6.61 – 2021-10-13

  • More bug fixes

1.6.60 – 2021-10-11

  • Minor bug fixes

1.6.59 – 2021-09-20

  • (Business) New feature: Favorites. The shortcode [shared_files_favorites] displays user’s favorite files. Files can be marked as favorites by first enabling the feature from the plugin settings: “Activate favorite files”. After that the file card has a new button: “Add to favorites” (all shortcodes).
  • (All plans) Define an ID for the files and display only these uploaded files, having the same ID: [shared_files file_upload=1 upload_id=”name-for-id”]
  • (All plans) New setting for front end file uploader: “Show Expiration date”
  • (All plans) New setting for front end file uploader: “Make the file field optional”
  • (Free + All plans) Fix: There can now be any number of different shortcodes ([shared_files], [shared_files_simple] and [shared_files_search]) on the same page, and the search & filtering works properly on each one

1.6.58 – 2021-09-15

  • (Professional + Business) New setting: Allow the uploader to create multiple new categories
  • (Professional + Business) New setting: Allow the uploader to create multiple new tags
  • (Professional + Business) New settings to hide sections from the frontend file editor (Settings / File edit)
  • (All plans) Frontend file edit modal replaced with a custom one (for better compatibility with themes and other plugins)
  • (All plans) Next sync timestamp added to category edit page
  • (All plans) Fix: file type is now properly saved when syncing files from folder (preview buttons are shown correctly)
  • (All plans) New shortcode parameter: Show files that belong to any these tags: [shared_files tags__or=”tag-1,tag-2,tag-3″]
  • (Free + All plans) New setting: Show download counter on the frontend

1.6.57 – 2021-09-13

  • Fejlrettelser

1.6.56 – 2021-09-02

  • (Business) New feature: Activate any number of custom fields (see Settings / Custom fields tab)
  • (Professional) Max. number of custom fields increased to 5
  • (Professional + Business) All custom fields can now be used as search filters (dropdown contents are automatically generated from file data), see plugin settings / Custom fields tab
  • (All plans) Custom field settings are now on a separate tab (Settings / Custom fields)
  • (All plans) More settings for custom fields
  • (All plans) New parameter for the frontend uploader: hide_category_dropdown=1
  • (All plans) Fix: Logged in user may now delete their own uploaded files properly
  • (Free + All plans) Multisite support added. The files now open normally on multisite subsites.
  • (Free + All plans) Fix: It is no longer possible to submit the frontend file upload form without adding the file

1.6.55 – 2021-08-24

  • (All plans) Simple list parameters updated, the following parameters are currently available (more information on Shortcodes page): [shared_files_simple hide_search=1 limit=5 category=”sample-category-1″]
  • Settings reorganized
  • Missing translatable texts added

1.6.54 – 2021-08-24

  • (Professional + Business) Multiple accordions can now be placed on one page
  • Fix: The “search files” input no longer submits the form / reloads the page if enter is pressed (the search results are already there)

1.6.53 – 2021-08-22

  • (Professional + Business) Accordion: Categories are now listed in the same order they are defined in the shortcode
  • (Professional + Business) Accordion: Group and order files by month with shortcode [shared_files_accordion group_files_by_month=1] / [shared_files_accordion group_files_by_month=1 order_by=”_sf_main_date”]
  • (Professional + Business) Accordion: Layout updated
  • (Free + All plans) Compatibility added for Infinite Uploads (,
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.52 – 2021-08-11

  • (Professional + Business) New shortcode: [shared_files_accordion]. See the Shortcodes page at WP admin / Shared Files and demo at
  • (All plans) New setting: Show tags on search results cards (Layout tab)
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.51 – 2021-07-30

  • (All plans) Download buttons are now shown also on password protected files (if enabled from the settings)
  • (Free + All plans) The redundant “Browse files:” title removed if there are no pagination links

1.6.50 – 2021-07-25

  • (All plans) New setting: Hide tags (Layout tab)
  • (All plans) New parameter for all shortcodes: hide_tags=1 (hides the tags from the file card)
  • (All plans) Update / new parameter: [shared_files_categories category=”category_slug” show_files_always=1] now lists also the files directly under “category_slug” in addition to the subcategory links (those files are no longer listed by default)
  • (Free + All plans) Improved version of the pagination. The pagination now works with shortcodes on the front page, single post, archive pages etc. (can be activated from the settings, first tab)
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.49 – 2021-07-18

  • (All plans) Update: [shared_files_categories category=”category_slug”] now lists also the files directly under “category_slug” in addition to the subcategory links
  • (All plans) Fix: [shared_files_categories category=”category_slug”] now asks the password immediately, not after selecting a subcategory
  • (All plans) Fix: Sync files / “Activate all inactive files” now activates also files under subdirectories
  • (Free + All plans) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.48 – 2021-07-03

  • (Free and Pro) Bug fixes

1.6.47 – 2021-06-26

  • (Pro) New feature / setting: Delete expired files (files will be moved to trash when the expiration date is reached)
  • (Pro) New feature / setting: Add the downloader’s IP address to the email
  • (Pro) New feature / shortcode: Show files that belong to all of these tags (can also be used with only one tag): [shared_files tags__and=”tag-1,tag-2″] (you can also use both categories__and + tags__and for the same shortcode)
  • (Pro) New feature / shortcode: Allow the uploader to create new tags: [shared_files file_upload=1 new_tags=1]
  • (Free and Pro) Missing translatable texts added
  • (Free and Pro) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.46 – 2021-06-11

  • (Pro) New feature: Sync categories and files. You can now define a folder name for any category, and files added to that folder (i.e. using FTP) are automatically activated for the plugin.
  • (Pro) New setting: Send an email notify when a file is automatically activated for a category (Settings / Email tab)
  • (Pro) New setting: Send an email notify to users having a specific role, when a file is uploaded (Settings / File upload tab)
  • (Free and Pro) Minor tweaks and fixes

1.6.45 – 2021-05-29

  • (Pro) Preview button activated for media library files
  • (Free and Pro) Bug fixes

1.6.44 – 2021-05-04

  • (Pro) Frontend file editor now opens in a modal window
  • (Pro) Description and External URL added to frontend file editor
  • (Pro) New parameter for shortcode [shared_files], exclude categories (by slug) from the file uploader: [shared_files file_upload_exclude_cat=”category-1,category-2″]
  • (Pro) New parameter for shortcode [shared_files_categories], exclude categories (by slug): [shared_files_categories exclude_cat=”category-1,category-2″]
  • Fejlrettelser

1.6.43 – 2021-04-14

  • (Pro) New fields for new categories and tags for the frontend file editor
  • Fejlrettelser

1.6.42 – 2021-04-14

  • (Pro) New feature: Front-end file editor. Can be used with shortcodes [shared_files edit=1] and [shared_files_categories edit=1]. User roles must be first activated from the plugin settings (File edit tab).
  • (Pro) New options for category password protection. See full details by editing any category.
  • (Pro) New feature: email notify of the downloaded file now contains the name of the downloader (if logged in)
  • (Pro) If the embed_id parameter is defined for the shortcode [shared_files], it is now also the id of the container element for that file list
  • Fejlrettelser

1.6.41 – 2021-04-05

  • (Free and Pro) The frontend file uploader should now redirect to correct url after adding a file, in all cases
  • (Pro) The multi file uploader now generates the file title (post title) in a more reasonable way
  • (Pro) You can now set a password for a category. All files belonging to that category will then require a password to open.
  • Fix: all thumbnails regarding the file are now deleted when the file is permanently deleted from trash

1.6.40 – 2021-03-27

  • Nyt parameter [shared_files hide_files_first=1]: Skjul filer først (filer vises, når der søges, eller der vælges kategori / tag)
  • Nyt parameter [shared_files file_upload=1 tag_dropdown=1]: Vis dropdown for tag på uploader
  • Nyt parameter [shared_files categories__and=”category-1, category-2″]: Vis filer, der hører til i alle disse kategorier
  • Ny indstilling: “Vis rullemenu på front-end filuploader”
  • Ny indstilling: “Omgå preview-tjenesten, når du forhåndsviser PDF-filer. Filen åbnes direkte i browseren.”
  • Rettelse: Autoudfyldning af adgangskode er nu deaktiveret, når man tilføjer en ny fil
  • Rettelse: filwebadresser (standardmetoden) fortsætter nu med at fungere normalt, når webstedet flyttes til en anden placering, og stier er forskellige på serveren
  • Rettelse: frontend fil uploader fungerer nu korrekt, når WordPress er installeret i en underkatalog

1.6.39 – 2021-03-21

  • Fejlrettelser

1.6.38 – 2021-03-21

  • Fil uploaderens brugernavn vises nu på filkortet, når vedkommende er logget på (hvis uploadet ved hjælp af frontend fil upload)
  • Ny indstilling for front-end fil upload: “Skjul fil uploaderens info”
  • Ny indstilling for upload af frontendfil: “Vis afkrydsningsfelter for kategori og tag i flere kolonner”
  • Ny indstilling ved upload af frontendfil: “Aktivér fremhævet billede (en separat fil kan tilføjes)”
  • Ny funktion til front-end fil-upload: Hvis et afkrydsningsfelt for en kategori er markeret, er alle afkrydsningsfelter for eventuelle overordnede kategorier også markeret (og ikke markeret)
  • Fejlrettelser

1.6.37 – 2021-03-14

  • CSS rettelser & mindre forbedringer

1.6.36 – 2021-03-14

  • (Free and Pro) New setting: “Always show preview button for PDF files (the preview service is Google)”
  • (Free and Pro) More debug data added to debug info section
  • (Pro) It is now possible for the uploader to select a parent category for the new category to be created
  • (Pro) New setting for the front end file uploader: “Allow the uploader to define a password for the file”
  • (Pro) New setting: “Enable the use of the preview service for password protected files”
  • (Pro) New setting: “Show featured image for password protected files”
  • (Pro) New setting: “Use a larger, non-cropped version of the featured image”
  • (Pro) Nye indstillinger: “Featured image container width (px)” and “Featured image container height (px)”

1.6.35 – 2021-03-13

  • (Pro) 3 custom fields added to the front end uploader (see settings / file upload tab)
  • (Pro) New settings for the frontend file uploader: “Restrict accepted file types” and “Restrict accepted file extensions”
  • Bug fix: files available for media library sync are no more limited to image files
  • Bug fix: redirect method now uses only the file path for opening files (no more issues if the domain or protocol is changed after adding the files)

1.6.34 – 2021-02-22

  • (Pro) Ny indstilling: “Send en e-mail underretning, når en fil uploades” (når frontend upload bruges)
  • (Pro) Ny indstilling: “Tillad uploaderen at oprette en ny kategori”. Dette giver filuploaderen mulighed for at oprette en ny kategori og tildele filen til den.
  • (Pro) Nyt parameter til fil upload shortcode (tillader uploader at oprette en ny kategori): [shared_files file_upload = 1 new_category = 1]
  • Fejlrettelser

1.6.33 – 2021-02-21

  • Gratis version har nu understøttelse af frontend fil upload og kan bruges med shortcode [shared_files file_upload = 1]. Flere funktioner kommer i den næste opdatering af Pro-versionen af ​​frontend-upload.

1.6.32 – 2021-02-20

  • Paginering fungerer nu normalt, når der er flere forekomster af [shared_files] på den samme side. Du skal give et unikt embed-id for hver enkelt: [shared_files embed_id=”my-files”]
  • Rettle af “WordPress-placering” -indstillingen: det er nu muligt, at placeringsurl’en har mere end 1 del, dvs. / klienter / firma / eller / klienter / a / abc-firma /
  • Ny indstilling: “Maksimal størrelse af uploadet fil” (du kan bruge den til at ændre standardteksten for den maksimal filstørrelse, bare teksten ikke den faktiske filstørrelse)
  • Freemius SDK opdateret til 2.4.2

1.6.31 – 2021-02-10

  • (Free og Pro) Rettede nogle problemer vedrørende åbning af filer
  • (Pro) Ny indstilling: Definer mappe til nye filer (se indstillinger, første fane)

1.6.30 – 2021-01-31

  • (Free og Pro) Rettelse: paginering fungerer nu normalt
  • (Free og Pro) Paginering (sidetal) tilføjet Simple List (enkel liste)
  • (Free og Pro) Download-knappen fungerer nu også, når filåbningsmetoden er “Redirect”
  • (Pro) Nyt parameter for shortcode [shared_files], udelukkelse af kategorier (efter slug): [shared_files exclude_cat = “categorory-1, category-2”]
  • (Pro) Ny generel indstilling: Vis dropdown for tags
  • (Pro) Ny shortcode parameter, der viser tag dropdown: [shared_files show_tag_dropdown = 1]
  • (Pro) Ny funktion: Synkroniser filer fra mediebiblioteket (se den nye side under Synkroniser filer i WP-adminområdet)
  • Fejlrettelser

1.6.29 – 2021-01-21

  • (Free og Pro) Rettelse for download-knappen: Nu downloades filerne altid i stedet for at blive åbnet i browseren (medmindre “Redirect” vælges som filåbningsmetode)

1.6.28 – 2021-01-20

  • (Free og Pro) Affiliate program lanceret. Også en ny indstilling (Pro): “Skjul affiliate link”
  • (Free og Pro) Affiliate program lanceret. Også en ny indstilling (Pro): “Skjul affiliate link”
  • (Pro) Fejlrettelser vedrørende upload af flere filer

1.6.27 – 2021-01-14

  • CSS & fejlrettelser
  • Ny indstilling: Sorter efter (liste over kategorier)

1.6.26 – 2021-01-11

  • Lightbox understøtter nu videofiler (mp4, ogg, webm, mov)
  • Ekstern URL / YouTube URL kan nu aktiveres på filupload-formularen i indstillingerne
  • Titelfelt føjet til filupload-formularen
  • Der er nu en separat side med shortcodes i WP admin
  • CSS & fejlrettelser

1.6.25 – 2021-01-01

  • Ny funktion: Image modal / lightbox. Billedfiler kan nu vises i en lightbox, og der er en separat “Download original” -knap.
  • Ny funktion: YouTube modal / lightbox. YouTube-videoer åbnes nu i en lightbox i stedet for i en separat fane.
  • (Pro) Ny mulighed: ‘Fjern markeringen for “Skjul fra andre sider” for uploadede filer’
  • (Pro) Nyt parameter “hide_file_list”, der kan bruges sammen med [shared_files file_upload = 1] som f.eks.: [shared_files file_upload = 1 hide_file_list = 1]
  • Forskellige mindre forbedringer
  • Fejlrettelser

1.6.24 – 2020-12-20

  • Pro: Man kan nu sætte flueben ved flere kategorier og tags, når filer uploades via front-fil-upload. Se indstillinger, Hjælp / Support-siden og demoen:
  • Pro: Du kan nu ændre teksten på den meddelelse, der vises, når downloadgrænsen er nået (se indstillingerne)
  • Tilføjet support for -links (når YouTube-ikonet bliver vist)
  • Fejlrettelser

1.6.23 – 2020-12-02

  • Ny funktion (Pro): Synkroniser filer – du kan nu uploade filer direkte ved hjælp af FTP og aktivere filerne for plugin’et fra siden Synkroniser filer.
  • Ny mulighed (Free og Pro): “Filåbningsmetode”
  • Ny mulighed (Free og Pro): “Preview service”
  • “Vis-knap” tilføjet ved siden af feltet til indtastning af kodeordet


  • Nogle ændringer foretaget i filåbningsprocessen for at løse problemer ved bestemte serverkonfigurationer
  • Ny mulighed: “WP Engine-kompatibilitetstilstand” (hvis du bruger WP Engine som host for dit websted, skal du sætte flueben ved det)


  • Rettede [shared-files] – & [shared_files] på Hjælp / Support-siden


  • (Free og Pro) Ny mulighed: “Vis downloadknap på kortet”
  • (Pro) Ny mulighed: “Juster elementer lodret og centreret (indvendigt i kortet)” (dette er nyttigt, hvis du bruger layoutet med 3 eller 4 kort, og pladsen er begrænset)
  • (Pro) Nyt parameter for shortcode [shared_files]: [shared_files limit = 5] (begræns antallet af filer og skjul paginering)
  • (Pro) Nyt parameter for shortcode [shared_files]: [shared_files file_upload = 1 category = CATEGORY_SLUG] (forud-definer kategorien og skjul kategori-dropdown)


  • Free og Pro: Helt nyt ikonsæt, SVG-ikoner i høj kvalitet til 25 forskellige filtyper. Du kan stadig bruge de gamle, hvis du ønsker det – sættet kan ændres i indstillingerne.


  • Ny shortcode (Free og Pro): [shared_files_simple] (Se
  • Ny funktion (Free og Pro): Tags. Du kan nu tilføje tag(s) til filer. (Se
  • Ny funktion (Free og Pro): Se (preview) forskellige filtyper. Du kan skjule knappen fra indstillingerne. (Se
  • Kopiér til udklipsholder-knapper tilføjet Hjælp / Support-siden, filhåndtering og kategoristyring
  • Kategorinavn(e) tilføjet filkortet
  • Ny mulighed (Pro): Skjul kategorienavne(t) på kortet


  • Ny mulighed (Pro): Kun brugere, der er logget på, kan tilføje filer med front-end-uploader
  • Ny mulighed (Free og Pro): Brug tekstarea til filbeskrivelse (i stedet for rich text editor)
  • Freemius SDK opdateret til 2.4.1 (


  • Ny funktion (Pro): upload af flere filer. Du kan nu uploade flere filer på én gang (der er en ny knap på siden Filhåndtering).
  • Ny funktion (Pro): hvis en fil tilføjes fra frontend af en bruger, som er logget på, kan den pågældende bruger slette filen.
  • Ny mulighed: det fremhævede billede kan nu vises enten til venstre eller til højre for filbeskrivelsen.
  • Fejlrettelse: paginering er nu aktiv også, når du bruger shortcode [shared_files category = category-slug]


  • CSS rettelser


  • Fejlrettelse: Autoudfyld er nu deaktiveret for filers adgangskode og notifikationmails
  • Ny funktion: brugerdefineret nummer for paginering


  • Fejlrettelse: irrelevant advarselsdialogboks fjernet, når en fil gemmes
  • Mappeikoner føjet til [shared_files_categories]
  • Rettelser mht. CSS-kompatibilitet


  • Free: rettede en fejl, som fik browseren til konstant at spørge “Forlad webstedet? Ændringerne, du har foretaget, gemmes muligvis ikke.” når man tilføjede en ny fil


  • Nye indstillinger: sortering og sorter efter. Du kan nu definere rækkefølgen af filerne i fillisten. Disse kan defineres i indstillingerne eller direkte ved hjælp af shortcode parametre.
  • Beskrivelsesfeltet for kategorierne kan nu bruges til at sortere kategorierne i [shared_files_categories] -shortcode.


  • Fejlrettelse: skjul tomt dropdown, når der ikke er nogen underkategorier (for shortcode [shared_files])
  • Nyt parameter: hide_category_dropdown (for [shared_files])
  • Nyt parameter: not_sorted_by_categories (for [shared_files_search])
  • Ny mulighed: “Vis fremhævet billede sammen med ikonet for filtype”


  • Ny funktion: brugerdefinerede filtype-ikoner. Du kan nu indstille ikoner for alle filer med specifikke filtypenavne (se fanen “Tilpassede filtyper” i indstillinger).
  • Ny funktion: filspecifikke ikoner. Du kan nu definere et eget filtypeikon for en enkelt fil ved at tilføje et fremhævet billede.
  • Nye indstillinger: “Skjul filstørrelse på kort” og “Skjul filtypeikon på kort”


  • Fejlrettelser


  • Freemius SDK opdatering
  • Testet op til WP 5.5


  • Ny funktion: front-end fil uploader (se Hjælp / Support side og live demo på
  • Tilføjelse af manglende termer til oversættelse


  • Tilføjelse af nye filer blev afbrudt i den sidste opdatering, dette er nu rettet


  • Indstillinger er blevet gjort mere brugbare


  • Fejlrettelse: der er nu flere forskellige måder at registrere en filtype på, hvilket betyder, at der ikke længere opstår crashes ved bestemte serverkonfigurationer, når du åbner en fil


  • Brugerdefineret indstilling af baggrundsfarven på kort
  • Fillisten genindlæses nu ved hjælp af ajax-anmodning, når du vælger kategori
  • Fejlrettelser


  • Ny funktion: filerne har fået et nyt datofelt, der kan vises i stedet for udgivelsesdatoen
  • Ny option: skjul fildato / udgivelsesdato på fillisten
  • Sektion med fejlfindingsinfo tilføjet Hjælp / Support-siden


  • Brugerdefinerede ikoner kan nu tilføjes til .ppt (x), .indd, .psd og .svg filer.
  • Fejlrettelse: filbeskrivelsen kan nu være tom
  • Løsning af nogle problemer vedrørende korrekt visning af filtype ikoner


  • Kategori i admin kan nu sorteres


  • Flere kolonner i admin kan nu sorteres
  • Fillisten kan nu filtreres efter kategori i admin
  • Forsendelse af mail håndteres nu lokalt af WordPress
  • Fejlrettelser


  • Søgeformularen er nu synlig, når en kategori er defineret for shortcoden, og rullelisten (dropdown) kun indeholder underkategorierne i den definerede kategori.
    Du kan skjule søgningen ved hjælp af parameteret hide_search = 1 med shortcode’en. (Pro)
  • Brugerdefineret ikon for YouTube-links (Free)


  • Ny funktion (Free og Pro): mulighed for at fastsætte brugerdefinerede billeder som filtype ikoner (se indstillinger)
  • Ny funktion (Pro): en ny visning til at opliste kategorier / opliste filer efter kategorier (se Hjælp / Support siden)
  • Sortering af kolonnen: Udløbsdato


  • Ny funktion (Pro): Adgangskodebeskyttelse af filer
  • Ny funktion (Pro): Indstilling af filers udløbsdato
  • Ny funktion (Pro): Begrænsning af antallet af downloads pr. fil
  • Flere muligheder


  • Fejlrettelser


  • Ny funktion (Pro): En ny shortcode [shared_files_search], der kun viser en søgeformular, der er målrettet mod alle filer i alle kategorier


  • Free og Pro: Nye indstillinger for fil-liste layoutet


  • Mindre forbedringer


  • Fejlrettelser


  • Ny licensmodel / 09-12-2019


  • En ny mulighed tilføjet for valgfrit at definere placeringen af WP


  • Plugin’et understøtter nu også, at WP er installeret i en undermappe.


  • Yderligere tekster kan nu oversættes


  • Nyt parameter til shortcode [shared_files] for at skjule søgning: “hide_search”. Kan bruges således: [shared_files hide_search = 1]
  • Indstillingsside tilføjet. Du kan nu definere en e-mail-adresse, og når en fil downloades, sendes en e-mail-besked til den e-mail.


  • Fejlrettelse for at gøre det muligt at bruge sammen med Elementor


  • Fejlrettelse for sletning af filer


  • Fejlrettelse af visning af filer i en bestemt kategori
  • Dato tilføjet til fillisten (ved oprettelsen)


  • Donationslinks tilføjet


  • Fejlrettelse for sidebladring


  • Sidebladring tilføjet alle filvisninger (20 filer pr. side). Søgning er stadig målrettet mod alle filer.


  • Feedbackformular tilføjet siden Help / Support


  • Tilføjet: Shortcode til visning af en enkelt fil. Kan bruges til at indsætte en fil i f.eks. et indlæg eller på en side.


  • Feltet til filbeskrivelse konverteret til wysiwyg editor


  • Manglende strings kan nu oversættes


  • Tilføjet support for oversættelser


  • Ny funktion: Ekstern URL. I stedet for at tilføje en lokalt hostet fil kan du nu tilføje en ekstern URL.


  • Kategorier blev tilføjet. Filer kan nu tildeles kategorier, og det er muligt at vise en liste over filer i en bestemt kategori.


  • Supportsiden blev opdateret


  • Fejlrettelser
  • “Husholdning”
  • Tester på Gutenberg


  • Filtype ikoner tilføjet


  • CSS rettelser


  • Mindre rettelser


  • Første udgivelse / 15-07-2018