WP GDPR Compliance


NEWS! Over the following months, we will provide a series of free upgrades to this plugin and even start offering premium features targeted to business users. Planned features include cookie scanning, language support for 40+ languages, and much more. To enable this, we are happy to announce that WP GDPR Compliance has been acquired by the leading Consent Management Platform, Cookie Information, who will lead the future development of the plug-in.

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This plugin assists website and webshop owners to comply with European privacy regulations known as GDPR. Activating this plugin does not guarantee your site fully complies with GDPR.

  • Add Consents and give your visitors full control.
  • Keeping a consent log for supported plugins.
  • Adding checkboxes to supported plugins for explicit visitor consent.
  • ‘Right to access’ through encrypted audit logs and double opt-in mail.
  • ‘Right to be forgotten’ by anonymising user data.

WP GDPR Compliance supports Contact Form 7 (>= 4.6), Gravity Forms (>= 1.9), WooCommerce (>= 2.5.0) and WordPress Comments.



  • Tilføj automatisk afkrydsningsfelter til GDPR for nogle af dine foretrukne plugins.
  • Spørg dine besøgende om tilladelse til at aktivere bestemte scripts til sporing eller annoncering.
  • Oversigt over visningen og sletteanmodninger fra dine besøgende.
  • Kontrollér linket til din privatlivspolitik og aktiver siden til dataanmodning med mere.


  1. Upload pluginfilerne til mappen /wp-content /plugins/wp-gdpr-compliance, eller installer pluginnet direkte via ‘Plugins’ i WordPress.
  2. Aktivér pluginnet via ‘Plugins’ i WordPress
  3. Gå til værktøjer -> WP GDPR Compliance


You’ll find answers to many of your questions on https://www.wpgdprc.com/faq/


3. marts, 2021
I will leave a negative review because the dev did not solve this issue, but closed the threads with little to no feedback. "Couldn't find this consent." - this happens whenever I try to add a new consent. When I had a consent, clicking 'Add new' forced me to modify the existing one. Since I deleted it, now there's simply no way to add any consent and use this functionality.
5. december, 2020
Vielen Dank. Ich nutze es bei den Kommentaren zur Einwilligung.
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Release date: August 17th, 2021
* Bugfix: Multisite settings pages from other plugins disappeared or appeared when they shouldn’t


Release date: August 13th, 2021
* Restart FTS again link
* Fix FTS notice dismissal on non-plugin page


Release date: August 12th, 2021
* Added first time setup wizard.
* Added upgrade to Cookie Information.


Release date: February 15th, 2021
* Added backwards compatibility for wp_make_content_images_responsive() on WordPress versions before 5.5.0
* Patched an XSS vulnerability (big thanks to Kamil Vavra for bringing this to our attention).


Release date: December 18th, 2020
* Resolve deprecation notice for wp_make_content_images_responsive() since WordPress 5.5.0


Release date: June 9th, 2020
* Improved Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
* Improved keyboard navigation
* Added a setting to change the accept button text
* Added a setting to change the more information button text
* Javascript and css assets are now minified
* Bugfix: The accept button in the consent modal now also works when all consents are mandatory


Release date: May 7th, 2020
* Tested with WordPress 5.4.1.


Release date: May 21th, 2019
* Tested with WordPress 5.2.
* Load accepted consents with JavaScript to improve performance.
* Use different text when all consent is required.
* When standard Consent bar/button colors are used, no empty attributes will be added to the elements.
* Bugfix: WP Registration integration now also works on MultiSite, accepted consent on registering gets added to the ‘wpgdprc_log’ table.
* Bugfix: Error shown in the WooCommerce Order page is removed.


Release date: April 30th, 2019
* Bugfix: ‘token’ column not being added to access_request table for new users.


Release date: March 13th, 2019
* Bugfix: JavaScript error when no active consents are added.


Release date: March 12th, 2019
* Load accepted consents with AJAX so we can bypass any caching.
* Added consent placement ‘Body’. This will add code snippets directly AFTER the tag.
* Show a message for the administrators when using the [wpgdprc_consents_settings_link] and no active consents are added.
* Show the descriptions tab in the consents modal.
* Bugfix: Get correct charset collate when adding the ‘Log’ database table.
* Bugfix: Correctly handle cookies in multisite environments.


Release date: January 8th, 2019
* The consent description now allows HTML.
* Added ability to change the colors of the consent bar.
* Fixed bug where post ID was null.


Release date: December 17th, 2018
* Bugfix older PHP versions.


Release date: December 17th, 2018
* Added anonymised usernames.
* Added log table.
* Added integration for WordPress registration.
* Added warning in case the privacy policy page has not been selected yet.
* Fixed bug in the settings page.
* Fixed bug with session ID’s.


Release date: November 30th, 2018
* Hotfix: Fixed SQL syntax error.
* Added possibility to reset the consent bar.
* Consent bar will always be reset when consent is added/updated.


Release date: November 28th, 2018
* Anonymise requests after 30 days. This also removes the ability to process delete requests.
* Small bugfix to correctly strip slashes from ‘Consent’ titles.
* Added possibility to use external URL’s for the privacy policy.
* Added auto opt-in for admin’s when adding a comment.
* Fixed bug that added attachment to the consent bar when viewing an attachment.
* Fixed bug with token.


Release date: November 7th, 2018
* Security fix: Removed base64_decode() function.
* Security fix: Correctly escape input in $wpdb->prepare() function.
* Security fix: Only allow modifying WordPress options used by the plugin and by the user capabilities.


Release date: July 6th, 2018
* Added the ability to add required ‘Consents’. These Consents will always be triggered on page load.
* Added ‘Privacy’ column to the WooCommerce order overview.
* Added the ability to change the message of the required asterisk elements.
* Remove or re-add the GDPR fields from forms on plugin deactivation and activation.


Udgivelsesdato: 12. juni 2018
* Vis også afkrydsningsfeltet for WordPress kommentarer for administrator.
* Lille fejlrettelse in visse PHP-versioner.


Udgivelsesdato: 8. juni 2018
* Mindre front-end-rettelser.
* Tilføjer manglende oversætbare strenge.
* Rettede tekstdomænet for nogle oversætbare strenge.
* Vis aktiverede samtykker fra brugeren.
* Mindre fejlrettelse admin omdirigeringer.
* Tilføjet mulighed for at fjerne ‘Samtykker’ via kontrolpanelet.
* Tilføjet mulighed for at pakke ‘Samtykker’ ind med tags.


Udgivelsesdato: 3. juni 2018
* Smårettelser i frontend.
* Tilføjet oversættelsesstrenge.
* Tilføjet shortcode [wpgdprc_consents_settings_link]. Dette vil oprette et link til samtykkeindstillingerne.


Udgivelsesdatoe: 1. juni 2018
* Front-end fejlrettelse.


Udgivelsesdato: 1. juni 2018
* Fejlrettelse af adminkolonner i kommentarpanelet.
* Rettede en fejl ved oprettelse af databasetabellerne som bruges af samtykkefunktionaliteten.


Udgivelsesdato: 1. juni 2018
* Tilføjet ‘Samtykke’ tab. Spørg dine besøgende om tilladelse til at aktivere bestemte scripts til statistik- eller reklameformål.
* Korrigerede implementeringen af multisitemiljøet.
* Rettede et problem med Gravity Forms-integrationen og Pronamic.
* Større inputfelter for tekster til afkrydsningsfelter.
* Skjul afkrydsningsfelter til WordPress-kommentarer for administratorer.
* Anonymisér også WooCommerce-data i brugerprofiler.


Udgivelsesdato: 24. maj 2018
* Lille fejlrettelse for ældre WooCommerce-versioner.
* Lille fejlrettelse for nogle oversætbare strenge.
* Fejlrettelse for at sikre at det rigtige felt ID i Gravity Forms felt ID er sat.
* Tilføjet afkrydsningsfelt til registreringsformularen i WooCommerce.
* Skjuler ordresektionen i WooCommerce når pluginnet er deaktiveret.


Udgivelsesdato: 16. maj 2018
* Rettede en fejl ved oprettelse af databasetabellerne som bruges af dataanmodningsfunktionaliteten.
* Rettede en fejl ved oprettelse af dataanmodningssiden.
* Udløbet adgangsanmodning vises tydeligere.
* Forbedrede fejlbeskeder.
* Tilføjet link til supportforum. Vi er glade for at hjælpe!


Release date: May 14th, 2018
* Fixed a bug that caused anonymise request mails to fail.
* Added missing translatable strings.


Release date: May 11th, 2018
* Added translatable ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ strings.
* Added confirmation mails sent after processing a anonymise request.
* Added mail sent to the admin when a new request is created.
* Added ‘noopener noreferrer’ to the Privacy Policy link.


Release date: May 8th, 2018
* Added a button to retry creating database tables required by the request user data functionality.


Release date: May 7th, 2018
* Added the request user data page. You can enable it in the Settings tab.
* The newly created page contains a shortcode which allows visitors to request their data. WordPress Users, WordPress Comments and WooCommerce orders linked to their email address are then send to that email address.
* The request user data page becomes the delete user page when visited through this email. The link in the email is available for 24 hours (cronjob) and linked to the visitors’ IP and current session.
* Delete requests end up in the new Requests tab. Click on ‘Manage’ to view a request and tick the checkbox to anonymise. Make sure to take care of these requests as quickly as possible!
* For WordPress Users ‘anonymise’ means first and last name, display name, nickname and email address are substituted by the corresponding field name in the database.
* For WordPress Comments ‘anonymise’ means author name, email address and IP address are substituted by the corresponding field name in the database.
* For WooCommerce orders ‘anonymise’ means billing and shipping details are substituted by the corresponding field name in the database.


Release date: April 3rd, 2018
* Show a notice when Jetpack is installed.
* Fixed a bug with WordPress Comments.


Release date: March 29th, 2018
* Storage of explicit consent timestamp.
* Return of the settings tab.
* Added ability to include your privacy policy page.
* Added a couple of apply_filters().
* Small styling changes.
* Added .POT file to translate this plugin. (Thanks for translating!)


Release date: March 2nd, 2018
* Fixed a bug with WordPress Comments.
* Added countdown to GDPR deadline. (May 25, 2018)
* Added ability to add custom error messages to Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms.
* Added ability to add HTML tags to the texts and error messages.


Release date: February 26th, 2018
* Fixed a bug with WordPress comments.
* Fixed a bug with default checkbox texts.


Release date: February 23rd, 2018
* Limit data shared with WordPress when updating the core.
* Added minimum supported version for Contact Form 7. (version 4.6)
* Added minimum supported version for Gravity Forms. (version 1.9)
* Added minimum supported version for WooCommerce. (version 2.5.0)
* Delete all data created by the plugin after deactivating integrations or uninstalling the plugin.
* Moved the position of the GDPR checkbox in the WordPress Comments form. (directly above the submit button)
* Moved the position of the GDPR checkbox in WooCommerce. (directly above the submit button)
* Removed the global “Error message” field.
* Fixed an issue with an older version of Contact Form 7.
* Small styling changes.


Release date: January 19th, 2018
* Added default error message.
* Small bugfixes.


Release date: January 16th, 2018
* Added screenshots.
* Added textual changes.


Release date: January 16th, 2018
* Added ‘Contact Form 7’ integration.
* Added ‘WooCommerce’ integration.
* Added ‘WordPress Comments’ integration.
* Small bugfixes.


Release date: November 4th, 2017
* Initial release.